I am not God …

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Few days ago I had conversation related to God with my 9 year old.

Before going to bed he came to me and said “Thank you, Mumma.”

I was little surprised because I didn’t get anything for him that day so I asked, “For what?”

His answer stunned me. He said, “Nothing. You always say that we should always thank God for no reason. So, thank you.”

And I was like - where is this coming from! Obviously, I argued, “But, I am not God …”

“But for me, you and daddy are …” he declared.

“Tanish, I’m your mother and let me be your mother, let your father be your father and let God be the God. Don’t mix all of us please …” I said what came to my mind at that moment.

“But you always say that God is inside everybody. So, for me you are the God.” He made his point and I got the hint how he has mixed all my talks and made his own understanding.

“Yes, our souls are part of the God. So, in that way we do have God inside us. But that doesn’t mean that the whole me is the God. I know, I have so many flaws and I have done so many mistakes and I might do some in future. So how can I be the God? I am not God …”

“I don’t know that, for me you are the God.” He was firm.

And I was like how am I going to make him understand that I am afar from even understanding the ‘God’ and he cannot state that; though I tried a lot, I failed.

Well, this conversation I had with my son reminded me the Sanskrit shloka from Taittiriya Upanishad which I had learnt when I was a kid:

देवपितृकार्याभ्यां प्रमदितव्यम्। 
मातृदेवो भव। पितृदेवो भव। आचार्यदेवो भव।  अतिथिदेवो भव। 
यान्यनवध्यानि कर्माणि तानि सेवितव्यानि।  नो इतराणि। 
यान्यस्मारक सुचरितानि।  तानि त्वयोपास्यानि। 

Meaning: There should be no carelessness in the duties toward the Gods and manes. Let your mother be a goddess unto you. Let your father be a god unto you. Let your teacher be a god unto you. Let your guest be a god unto you. The works that are not blameworthy are to be resorted to, not others. Those alone actions of ours (our teachers’, elders’ and parents’) that are commendable are to be followed by you, not others.

Well, when I learnt this shloka, even I felt that yes – ‘My parents are God’ but I never find courage to tell them what I felt at that time unlike my child who declared before learning this shloka.

Anyways, the last line of 'Geeta Saar' says that - Change is the law of universe. So by that law, I can change somewhat of my own understanding to this shloka.

There should be no carelessness in the duties toward our own (instead of the Gods and manes). - There is God inside us too and that’s why our heart is pumping and we are alive. We must not be careless to keep ourselves healthy and happy. Our first duty is towards ourselves and then everyone else comes.

Let your parents be friend (instead of goddess and god) unto you. - We haven’t seen God and may be won’t see in our whole life. But these two creators - our parents has made us and no matter how much differences we have; we definitely can share our success and failures without any fear or doubt. And we can make them understand our new kind of issues and they definitely can find the old way to fight with these new ones! But we need to talk on regular basis to remain friends.

Let your teacher be a source of light (instead of god) unto you. – These are the people who can make us reach to the peak of our lives. They can be anyone our teachers, parents, coaches, elders, or may be our friends! We can learn to hold the light from any wise person around us and can use it when we are in dark.

Let your guest be a source of fun (instead of god) unto you. – Let’s start becoming the kind of guest whom actually people want to invite from their heart. When we are visiting someone, we should try to left real smiles on their face and real happiness in their heart. We should not bother them with so called formalities and leave them with the hard feelings. Let’s start being fun to our hosts and we’ll definitely get what we give to others.

The works that are not blameworthy are to be resorted to, not others. – I don’t want to change anything in this line but we can change the takings from this line. I completely agree we should not do such activities which are blameworthy like – disrespecting, cheating, thieving, killing, terrorizing etc. But yes, we can constantly change ourselves with the time (as it’s the law of universe) and we can change our perspective towards certain activities which we actually want to do but don’t do; just because we feel or we have been nurtured to feel that it’s blameworthy. Yes! Absolutely that! I’m talking about that activity only which is in your mind right now. J

Those alone actions of ours (our teachers’, elders’ and parents’) that are commendable are to be followed by you, not others. – Again, I don’t want to change anything in this line but yes we all know – actions speaks louder than words, so, better we become more of that kind of a person which we want our children to be. The future completely depends on our today’s actions. If we are not going to save our natural resources, our children will never learn to save it. And we’ll make them facing undying problems and for those our old ways of solutions might not work. And at the end, we cannot depend on the real ‘God’ for saving our children for the wrong or blameworthy actions we had done.

So as per my belief, God is inside everyone of us, so we definitely can be the source of light in our children’s lives and try to solve their problems in the old ways which we have learnt from of our parents and through our experience before their future get ruined by our blameworthy actions. And I’ll definitely keep talking to my child that eventually he’ll understand that I am not God … ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji

PS: Geeta Saar is the core of the Bhagwad Geeta said by Lord Krishna


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