Before I Die

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"Before I Die I want to _____."

A few days ago I had asked everyone in my contact to complete the above statement for their own life. And believe me I got the tremendous reverts - Travel the World, Adventures, Fulfill all the dreams and Achievements in different areas of life - were the most reverts (I am so happy for you Guys and all the very best!). But there are few reverts which needs a special attention.

Some Tech-savvy persons wants - To get invisible, To get a time machine, To re-live some special moments and To live the moments from the past where they were not the part of it. (Interesting!)

Some of the Young at heart people wants – To be young forever and Relive the youthful days. (Good! Keep it up!)

Some of Learners wants - To learn languages like Sanskrit & Sign-language and Read a holy book like ‘Bhagwad Geeta’. (Great! Learning is a lifelong process.)

There was one Cool person also who wants - To live life as it is. (Bingo!)

Some of the Kind hearts wants – To teach the poor children and Work for NGO. (I’m so grateful to you all!)

There are some Lovely people too who wants - To tell their special ones those magical words – ‘I Love You’ (Yeah! We all should say those words everyday to our special ones! ‘Love’ is the only power which creates the Miracles…)

There are few Wise people also who wants - To see more green and less plastic on the earth. (I agree. Nowadays it has become the global need and we all must work on that…)

There is one intellectual person who wants - To make common sense ‘Common’. (And yes there is scarcity of 'Common Sense'. We need to get much more smart and active.)

But I'm feeling glad that I'm in contact with those people too, who just replied "Live". (I wish every one of us remember to ‘Live’ ... to live in the moment... to live each moment at its fullest…)

And last but not the least one person wants – To take Diksha! (This revert is from a person who doesn't look or behave Spiritual! Hey friend, your revert reminds me of travelling the inner world and I would love to work on that path… It starts with the darkness and I’m still in the darkness …)

Huh! ... All these reverts shows that people plan for their life in advance. No one is aware what's going to happen in the next moment but still we don't leave the ‘Hope’ and we plan our days, travels, careers, old age, emergencies and Death too! What? You mean, you haven’t planned for the death? Think again ...

We all have our medical, travel, accident, life and kinds of insurances. That’s a planning for the truth of the end of this body by one or the other way. And we don't know when that last moment will be in front of us. It might be the next one... (Sorry! for saying that …)

So we already have plans for our life and death. But sometimes miracles happen and we live better than we have planned for and sometimes it’s just reverse. We always change our plans according to winding we may face. So, in every fortune or uncertainty we’ll have to keep ourselves and our family ready.

For example, No one plans for going into a Coma or a brain death or an incurable disease or might be curable but not affordable illness or such surgeries after which we might be unable to live as before. And in almost all such cases our family takes decisions on behalf of us while we were complete unconscious.

We don't discuss in prior for such uncertainty, and that's the reason we create a high mental and financial pressure on our own family to take decision for our life. In both the ways whatever decision they take for us, we make them feel guilty for taking such decision.

So better you decide on your own about what you want to do in such circumstances - To live with the help of the machines or just go away with the amount of life you have lived! Think about it deeply, you might have attained some of your wants and many of them might be still pending! Discuss with your family about such uncertainty and leave a clear ‘Disclaimer’ for your own life. In that case your own family will be clear about taking decision and will be able to live without any guilt and moreover that you’ll not curse your own family for taking decision on your behalf.

So my dear friends just add such disclaimer like - 'Before I Die I want to make clear to my family that I want / don’t want to live with the help of Machines. I want / don’t want my family to take financial risks to keep me alive. I want / don’t want to live after serious medical surgery where I may not live as before. I want / don't want to donate my organs. ' Be practical and strong enough to decide such things and most importantly make aware your friends and family about it.

And for the rest of the plans of life, we all are aware that - we have to start living in the moment, make ourselves better than before, work harder, forget and forgive each other, be more kind and calm, feel the pain of the other and ‘Be The Love’ ... but only awareness doesn't work on its own, we'll have keep going till the end ... ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections, and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji

PS: Few of my contacts were curious to know about my answer of ‘Before I Die I want to’ statement. Here it is for them and I’m so Sorry in advance for being so selfish. Before I Die I want to meet that Supreme Power who has created this Existence… ad 


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