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A boy was reading a book. He saw a picture of a camel. And according to the boy, that camel was smiling! He ran with the book to his mother and showed her that Smiling Camel’s picture.

Boy: “See Mumma, this picture of a camel. “
Mother: “Yeah let me see.”
Boy: “Don’t you think it’s a Smiling Camel?”
Mother: “Yes you are right. This camel seems to be happy.”
Boy: “One day I had seen one camel sitting on the roadside. But that camel was very sad... “
Mother: “Ohh! But why you felt it was sad? “
Boy: “These much big rope was passed through its nose!” He showed the size of the rope with his little fingers. “And that rope was connected to the cart... “
After a pause he continued…
“If somebody passes that much big rope through our nose .... Are we going to feel happy?”
Mother: “No Beta, no one gonna feel happy like this... “
Boy: “But why people do this to the animals? I have seen such rope used with horses and bullocks too!”
Mother: “People do this with animals to control them & train them to work for them.”
Boy: “They should use some mask and make animals wear it instead of passing the rope through the nose! At least it’ll not hurt them.”
Mother:”Yeah. You are absolutely right Beta...”

I felt good about my child that he can understand the emotions of the other and can feel the pain - the other might have suffered. I could see it while he was expressing his feelings. He was able to differentiate the happiness and sadness between two camels.  

Nowadays, as my son has suggested, the Face Harness is available for the animals. The option of online shopping for Harness is also available. I ask all of you to please suggest Face Harness option to the animal owner when you see any nose roped animal. Please feel the pain of an animal and don’t forget to share. It might be possible the owner of the animal isn’t aware.

Well this discussion made me think about the human nature. We, so called humans not only try to control the animals but sometimes the other humans too. The virtual nose rope is applied here! Ask the same question before being harsh to the other “If somebody passes that much big rope through our nose .... Are we going to feel happy?”

Understand the pain you pass through your harsh behavior, words and acts. After certain level regrets of the past doesn’t work to improve the healthiness in the relationships. So it’s the time become proactive. To think before we say or react. Any situation or relation can be well maintained with positive emotions and understanding the pain of the other.

A change in our own behavior will make the difference in the smiles people give us in reply. We’ll be able to feel the ripples of the happiness initiated in the pond of life. And that will be perfect picture of life similar to this Smiling Camel… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji