An Old Man

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Yesterday I had visited a nursery, nearby my house. I wanted to get some saplings for my home. I met the person who was handling the nursery and inquired about few specific saplings but don’t know why he didn’t seem in mood to serve a customer. So I had to look for the other one.

A few kilometers away I found another nursery; and the owner was an Old Man. Again, I inquired about specific saplings which I needed and that Old Man replied calmly. That Old Man displayed and picked the best saplings for me. In fact, I also got an extra plant which I had not planned to buy.

When I was done with my plants need it was time to calculate the total price. I had to help that Old Man in calculating the total price. It was Rs. 320 only. I was having the change of Rs. 320, so I offered him the money and requested him to get arranged all those saplings on my scooter. At that time he didn’t took money and got busy in finding a big bag to carry.

After that, with due care he kept all the saplings in that bag. He didn’t allow me to help him in keeping those saplings in the bag! Like it was his duty and he wanted to do it with full dedication! Once he kept all the saplings in the bag, again I offered him that money which I was holding for him. And his answer touched my heart. That old man said, “I’ll take money only after I’ll finish my work!”

He carried that bag of saplings and arranged it perfectly on my scooter.  So on the way back home I didn’t get troubled and most importantly his saplings which he had nurtured carefully were in the best condition till the end! After finishing all his duties, he took the money and smiled! This whole experience made me the permanent customer of that Old Man even though his nursery is far from my house!

This is an example of delivering beyond the limit. As a customer I was not only satisfied but over whelmed. The product was well created and nicely taken care of! The dealing with the customer was calm and with the approach to offer best services. The price was reasonable. The packaging didn’t harm the product. It made so comfortable to travel along with the product even on the scooter. And most importantly the dedication and hard work of that Old Man towards his work responsibilities was commendable! And the smile was the cherry on the top!

If an Old Man (who was illiterate) can set the example of calmness, work responsibility, hard work, dedication and customer care that too with the smile on face; definitely we all should and can… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji

PS: In the past I had kept a Gardner to take care of my plants but yesterday I planted all those saplings on my own. And trust me it felt so good like I had visited seashore or been on the top of a mountain. Yesterday I understood planting on our own can also be a way to get connected to the nature! The feeling was awesome. I’m so grateful to God… ad


  1. Thank you for writing this article. I believe that literacy has nothing to do with good manners, love for what you do. I'm sure the old man loves and respects the plants. That is the reason he took utmost care of them and also his moral ethics are very strong. In olden days people used to provide service out of love and passion. Nowadays everything is seen as Business.
    How many literate businessmen are cheating people? how many have defaulted on bank loans? Examples are countless.

    1. Thanks for reading and appreciating my work... and you are right, as Dalai Lama has said - "The world doesn't need more 'Successful People'. The world desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds." - we can always try our best to spread Positivity, Happiness and Peace ... Keep Reading ... Thanks :)