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I don’t have a pet dog. And I know, few people will definitely think that I’m not allowed to say anything about this topic. But still, I am writing this blog because of an incident happened today morning. Well as per my understanding about the ‘Pet Dogs’, people keep dogs in their houses considering them a family member just because a dog is an animal who LOVES a lot! And from a dog we humans can also LEARN to love unconditionally. Correct me Pet Dog Owners if I’m wrong!

Every day, I and my husband go for a walk in the morning. And every day we see lot of people coming with their Pet Dogs for a walk. It feels good to see those cute faces in the morning. But we all know why pet owners go for a walk along with their Dogs! So their dogs can poop in the streets & the roadsides and they can keep their own house litter free. I checked on Google to find any law in India, against it but couldn’t find any. Sad! We still need to work on it.

Let me narrate today’s incident. A Man with curly hairs and a Woman were walking with their two big white dogs. (I’m sorry I cannot understand the dog breed by looking at them.) At the same time, a lady was cleaning the road. And she seems to be working for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). Her face was covered with a cloth because she was cleaning the road. That Man with curly hairs allowed his Pet Dog to poop in the front of a gate of an apartment. And that lady worker asked that Man to not to allow his Dog to do so, particularly at that place.

Instead of saying and feeling sorry, that curly haired man started shouting at her! Between the arguments when that lady inquired about his place of living (May be she wanted to complaint about this Man’s behavior); that Man started talking in abusive language with her, and said “I’m living in ‘Sarthi’, come with me I’ll show you my house” and even raised his hand to slap her!!!

I and my husband both shouted at that moment and asked him to stop! But that fellow started talking rubbish with us too. I felt so awkward when I found that so many people were gathered by that time but no one raised their voice against that man’s acts and abusive language. (Instead people were expecting us to not to intervene.) Somehow the matter closed because that lady again started cleaning the road and we felt useless talking to that strange person.

I don’t understand why few persons are using these kinds of abusive words at public place and that too in higher tone of voice! And behave weirdly with another human (a woman, a worker, a cleaner and a poor is also a human); as if it’s a ‘Style Statement’! Please stop having this kind of approach with anyone! This kind of behavior of that Man, only created an impression on all of us that in spite of having a family member like a ‘Dog’ he hasn’t learned anything in life! Please at least learn to have compassion from your own Pet!

This incident encouraged me to search laws and guidelines for the Pet Owners. I found the guidelines by Animal Welfare Board of India dated 26th February, 2015. You can check the whole article at the link given below. According to the Point number 4 from the Guidelines for Pet Owners – Pet owners, or the care-givers or dog walkers they entrust their pets to, are advised to either clean up the pet defecates in public premises, or participate in other solutions for maintaining cleanliness. Such civic sense is the need of the hour in our country and it is also a courtesy to other users of public spaces.

Dear Pet Dog Owners please try to understand, it’s about our own neighborhood, our own city and our own country. There is not any strict law in our country, but please have some civic sense and courtesy for others.

Please have some concerns about the people who are cleaning the streets and roads which we only use every day. Stop creating litter on roads and streets by any means. Please contribute in Clean India Mission by understanding these little things!

And please don’t use those words, which you cannot speak in front of your own parents and children. No one likes to hear those words and weird behavior. Trust me you don’t look modern or smart or fashionable with those abusive words in your mouth.

And last but not the least – if you find someone misbehaving with the other, please do your best to stop that person. Additionally, if someone has raised a voice against that misbehavior add your voice too. It gives the strength to that truthful person and to that victim both. Don’t just stop and watch the scene, contribute with your wise words and help in solving the matter with calmness… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections, and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


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