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Son: Mumma, what is Gandhi?
Mother: It's a surname.
Son: Oh! I thought it's a name of ‘Gandhiji’. 
Mother: Nope. His name is ‘Mohandas’ and ‘Gandhi’ is a surname. His full name is ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’, and ‘Karamchand’ is the name of his father. 
Son: Why his mother's name isn't there? Was she dead at that time?
Mother: No! She wasn't dead. See, your full name is ‘Tanish Nilesh Darji’ and you know I'm alive. People write full names this way only.
Son: Why?
Mother: Don't know why but it is like that from centuries, I guess... 

(I always feel bad when I know that I haven't answered my son sensibly. This isn't the answer which I think I should have given.)

After this much of conversation he got busy with his studies but his argument ‘WHY?’ has started roaming in my head constantly. And the thing which disturbed me the most was the perception he got through the concept of writing the ‘Full Name’ - He thought Gandhiji’s mother was ‘Dead’ and that’s why her name was not included in his full name!

Mothers are always important to the children and I’m glad my son felt the lack of the mother’s name and concluded on his own. But from centuries when it comes to give some authentication, only father’s name gets included to the Full Name and mothers have always kept silence to this. I know there are people like ‘Sanjay Leela Bhansali’ who adds their mother’s name as a middle name and that shows the time is changing and people’s thoughts & beliefs too!

Here with this blog I’m neither changing my Full name by including my mother’s name nor am I expecting anyone to do so. I cannot judge between my mother and father - whose role in my life is more important, because both of them are equally important. Every one of us has loved our parents equally, and so do I. But my mother never expected her name to get included in my full name. She is like that only. I really don’t have words to describe her. But only I can say is - She is the role model of ‘Simple Living and High Thinking’.

So, I tried to look at this concept of ‘Full Name’ from the different point of view. Okay, let me be clear. I thought about this concept as my own mother’s point of view. And I got the clear answer why all mothers from centuries have kept silence about the lack of their name in their own child’s full name! – Mothers are ready ‘to even Die’ in the history of her child’s fame story! And only a ‘Mother’ is capable of giving such sacrifice. This is the greatness of a Mother. And thanks to God every one of us has one…

She has been keeping silence from years but we as child need to remember this silence. We shouldn’t forget our own core which has molded by our mothers. To show our gratitude, we don’t need to add her name in our ‘Full name’. We just need to thank our mother silently when we add a page of success to our fame story. We will never be capable of describing our gratefulness towards our mother in words; but I’m sure they’ll definitely understand our ‘silent’ thank you… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections, and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji