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Yesterday when I was coming back home, one old woman stopped me and asked, “Do you live here?”
“Yes” I said.
“I’m looking for a maid for my relatives residing nearby. Can you please help?” she asked.
“Yeah sure, give me the exact address and I’ll ask my maid to visit your relatives.” I replied.

That old woman pointed towards a direction and showed me the place where her relatives were living and later described whole story about her family & their relationship with them. But not the details which are needed to get the help!

I asked her again “Give me the block and the house number”

But she was not aware or confused. She might have forgotten the exact details due to her old age. She was actually trying to help someone by ‘Asking for Help’; but she was not having the exact details to get the help.

I wanted to help her directly by sending my maid to their relative’s place but I couldn’t, just because of lack of information. Though, I shared the residence where my maid is living and asked her to meet my maid with her relative. But I’m not sure whether she’ll remember that too! I wish she can truly help her relative. Well my motive to share this story is just to explain - Be Clear about your wants!
  • You want to become successful, be clear and set the exact targets with time duration.
  • You want your teammates to help you in achieving a particular goal, be clear and provide complete details.
  • You want your family to help in balancing work n life, be clear and ask for the consideration and ease.
  • You want your children to understand their responsibilities, be clear and provide perfect guidance.
  • You want to help someone, be clear about their real needs and help so.
  • You want God to help you, be clear and state exactly about your needs in prayers. He listens and acts according to your clear intentions. I loved the dialogue of The God saying ‘Ask and you shall receive it!’ in a movie Evan Almighty.
To get the visible results, keep intentions clear and work for it. If needed ask for the help. And also be clear about your expectations with self and the other. Clarity in mind gives clarity on the work progress.

And if in case someone is seeking your help and expecting you to deliver in certain criteria; perform your best and always be ready to deliver more and if possible before time but never the late. And don’t stop doing the Acts of Random Kindness… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


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