Much Needed

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She is not a celebrity, not a politician, not a business person and not even a social worker. Sadly, she is no more. But more than 300 people were present on her last day on earth. While walking along on the path to her last destination everyone was talking about her. And I was listening to them. No wonders people were talking about the only Good things of her life. Everyone felt she and her values were ‘Much Needed’ even today!

The ones who have lived a long-span of life with her say - She lived long and lived her life in a very simple way. She was not much educated but she knew how to live the best life. She had seen good and bad days in her life but her attitude towards life was always positive. She was so emotional and very much down to earth. She always wanted to live in a joint family and she lived. She very well knew about the favorite food of each family member. And she was never tired to make it for them.

She always wanted to work on her own and she worked even when she had started looking and getting old. She always wanted cleanliness and all things at proper place in her house, she didn’t expect someone else to do so, and she did it on her own. She never reacted on the mistake of her children and grand children. How do I know her? She is my Ba (my mother’s mother).

When I and my sisters were kids, she used to come to our place and stay with us for few days. I know, no one can make Yummy Sukhdi (a Gujarati Sweet Dish) like she used to make. And I remember she was working endlessly. I have never heard from her that she was feeling tired. And suppose we didn’t score well in our school tests. She used to convince our parents with the remarks that – ‘Don’t worry about the scores. At least they got passed in the tests. Be happy for that!’ After she left us, I could understand that her statements and her way of living were full of Positivity.

My mother is very calm and peaceful by nature and definitely she got this from her mother. I wish the flow of being calm and peaceful reach to me too. Well my Ba’s name is Jyoti and its meaning is Flame. Of course she has lived her life-like a flame and brightened other’s way with her kind and positive nature. But everyone was calling her Joiti and its meaning is ‘Needed’. Yes she was and she is ‘Much Needed’. I’m so sorry Ba, I have never said this to you in person but Ba – I Love You and now I miss you too. Yes Ba, people like you are ‘Much Needed’ on earth and surely we all grand children of yours will try to learn from your life.

She passed away on 23rd Feb 2016. And on 22nd I had thought I’ll meet her tomorrow! I wanted to show my love to her and be thankful for what she was but I couldn’t. If you feel like meeting someone, just meet that person TODAY. Express your gratitude and love TODAY. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because sometimes tomorrow never comes… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji