Lifeless Tree

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June 5 is the World Environment Day. This was yesterday. It’s about all greens, all environmental possibilities and all nature cures. Well as yesterday was Sunday too, and as it was a holiday, I had visited a temple near Dholka, Gujarat with family. On the way I cited a tree. And that tree was drying and dying. No fruits, no flowers, no leaves and not even a hope of coming back to green. There were only dry branches of the tree facing the sun and struggling hard to stand. It felt like that tree was counting its last days.

But that ‘Lifeless Tree’ left a smile on my face. During its last days, it wasn’t alone. There were four nests on the dry branches and among them one had two little birds. Wow! I felt the happiness of being connected with the nature. I got an inspiration for being helpful till the last breath. I have learnt a lesson for giving without expecting something in return. I felt the tree was standing just to support those little birds to grow. In other words it could stand bravely at the last stage of the life, just because it was helping the other life to grow.

On my first thought, the tree was helping the little birds but on the second one - The tree was having strength to stand because those little birds were there to cheer it up with their sweet sound. Those birds had kept their nests on that Lifeless Tree just because that tree might have given all the shelter, all the fruits, all the kindness and all the love to the other beings when it was green; and continued till the end.

We being a human, also get a stage in life when we are having all the Greens. And at this stage we should not forget to give and share what we are having. Yes it is difficult to share what we have earned; because to receive those benefits of fruits we have also struggled a lot to stand in the sun for long. But that Lifeless Tree showed me that in the long run we receive more than what we give. It explained me that we need to share our happiness with others at the each stage of the life.

We can always bring a smile on other’s face even if we’re counting our last days by spending our whole life-like a Tree. At the each stage of life, we should remember that one day we’ll also become like that ‘Lifeless Tree’ and we’ll also need the sweet sounds of new life. Give when you are green and get the strength to stand when you become dry… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


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