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The prayerful song ‘Akhil brahmand’ (Entire Universe) written by Narsinh Mehta is one of the greatest devotees of Lord Krishna, a saint and a poet. With the help of this prayerful song Narsinh Mehta describes the presence and wideness of the God in the universe. Through this prayerful song Narsinh Mehta reveals the spiritual knowledge of The Vedas and explains the uniqueness of the God.

Akhil brahmand ma ek tu shree hari,
Jujve rupe anant bhaase;
Deh ma dev tu, tej ma tatva tu,
Shunya ma shabd thai ved vase…

The one who is infinitely resembled in the entire universe with the different forms is only Shree Hari (Lord Krishna); you are the God in the body, you are the essence in all energy and you are being an utterance of spiritual knowledge in complete stillness…

Pavan tu, paani tu, bhumi tu, bhudhara!
Vruksh thai fuli rahyo aakashe;
Vividh rachna kari anek ras levane,
Shiv thaki jeev thayo e j aashe…

You are the wind, you are the water, and you are the earth & emperor! You are the one who is growing towards the sky being a tree. You’ve arranged for the various creations with the hope to fill up the auspicious soul with abundant pleasures…

Ved to em vade, shruti-smruti shakh de,
Kanak-kundal vishe bhed nahoye;
Ghat ghadiya pachi naamrup jujva,
Ante to hem nu hem hoye…

The Vedas are speaking – listen, remember and trust them, there is not any difference in the matter of the golden hidden powers (of the God); no matter what name & appearance you give by molding the Gold in different shapes, at the end the Gold (the God) will be the Gold (the God) only…
Granth garbad kari, vaat n khari kari,
Jeh ne je game tene puje;
Man-vachan-karm thi aap mani lahe
Satya che e j man em suje…

(There are many who has) disordered the (holy) books and not said the deep substance of them; all humans worship the God (with God’s different name & appearance) of their choice; but the insights of (my) heart says God considers only the intense desires of mind, words & actions (of each human)…

Vruksh ma bij tu, bij ma vruksh tu,
Jou patantare e j paase;
Bhane Narsaiyo e man tani shodhna,
Prit karu premthi pragat thashe…

You are the seed within a tree and you are the tree within a seed, what we are trying to look with the hindrance is nearby only; Narsaiyo (The Poet- Narsinh Mehta) has learned through his devotion (to Lord Krishna) that such hound of the heart will be visible through kindness and love…

Akhil brahmand ma ek tu shree hari,
Jujve rupe anant bhaase…

The one who is infinitely resembled in the entire universe with the different forms is only Shree Hari (Lord Krishna)…

Narsinh Mehta through his own insights explains that we can worship the God with any name & appearance of our own choice but at the end the God is one and only. This prayerful song proves that God has extended his own supreme powers and created himself in the different forms like the earth, wind, water, trees & seeds. And the God has created such beautiful universe only for the pleasures of each embodied soul.

Through this enlightened prayerful song of Narsinh Mehta I learned that each one of us is striving to get the real happiness & peace but in reality such pleasures are not far from us and such pleasures can easily achieved by keeping our thoughts, talks and deeds filled with kindness and love… ad

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  1. यो मां पश्यति सर्वत्र सर्वं च मयि पश्यति |
    तस्याहं न प्रणश्यामि स च मे न प्रणश्यति || 30||BG 6.30: For those who see me everywhere and see all things in me, I am never lost, nor are they ever lost to me.

  2. ExceExcell interpreinterp of prayer. 🙏

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    Your explanation is divine

    1. Thank you so much Mr. Prashant for your wise words and drawing my attention towards this segment of my website .... sure I'll take care of that :)

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  4. Very well explained meaning of my favorite Bhavan.Thanks Amee Darji.

    1. Thank you so much ... It's one of my favorites too :)