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I read a headline in today’s newspaper - Mother Teresa is to become a SAINT next year. Mother Teresa died in 1997 but the people on earth have still kept her alive. The people still remember Mother Teresa to get healing, to get miracles happen, to get inspiration, to learn how to pray, to learn how to serve and to learn how to live the life. And people are going to keep her alive for many more years for sure.

Wow! This is something beyond the limit. This is something called a ‘Legendary Living’ that even after the death of your body, people praise your beautiful soul. People can feel your presence and people remember you for their problems to get solved. People follow your path and people get happiness and peace through your way of living!

We all know that it’s not important how many years we spend on earth but how many lives we change in a Positive Way matters! But do we really care about this statement? Actually, we are trapped with the things like religion, rituals and categories. And thanks to Social Media; we all share such issues with the world to prove our own statement of being religious. But do we ever think in being a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian sometimes we forget to become a Human.

Mother Teresa a Catholic woman lived her life to serve the poor of a country where there are so many religious beliefs and practices. I don’t think she would have ever thought of the religion before providing her services to a poor human. Is it so difficult to consider the one as Human?! There are so many people in media, entertainment industries and politics who loves to play with our religious beliefs and we follow them blindly. Sometimes we spread such negativity without checking the truth behind it.

It’s good to follow a religion and spread the Positive thoughts about our own religion. But to dishonor the customs & people of the other religion, is creating a big question mark for our own religious beliefs. I feel, we should become a religious person but we shouldn’t have EGO for our religion. We all should look at the other person as an individual and stop judging the people with their religion. And to do something religiously strong, we should spread the truths & Positivity about a religion and live for the Peace.

According to me it’s a great learning from the Mother Teresa’s legendary living – To think for the Humanity first.  And to get the sparks of Legendary living like a Mother Teresa; we should keep asking this question to ourselves – How many people will remember me for the Positive Change I’ve made during my lifetime and after my death how many will follow my path? Afterwards keep working with kindness & love to get the better answer... ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections, and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…

Amee Darji


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