Fish Tank

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We have a fish tank at our home. Normally, we keep small fishes in our fish tank and enjoy watching their growth. We ensure changing them, once they grow and needed to have more space to roam around. Few days ago my little one noticed that the fishes have grown and said “Mumma, we should now get the big Fish Tank for our fishes.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Our fishes have become Big now.” he replied.

“So what?” I made the conversation longer.

“Look Mumma, God has made this ‘Big Earth’ for us and we (being a human) can go anywhere we want. Don’t you think these fishes will need more space to move around?” he replied. And I loved his way of interpretation.

“You are absolutely right. But God has made big Ocean on this earth for fishes. We’ll do one thing; we’ll send these fishes to the ocean instead of getting a big Fish Tank.” I suggested purposely. 

“No Mumma, we can’t do that now.” He replied eagerly.

“Why?” I asked. I just wanted to check his thoughts and awareness about the Ocean.

“Mumma, these fishes have grown but they are still too small for the Ocean. There will be big fishes like shark & jellyfish in the ocean which will eat our fishes. Let our fishes grow more and then we’ll send them to the Ocean” he replied and I was amazed to hear his statement of wisdom.

This conversation with my child made me think about relationship between parents and a child. Our parents have always kept an eye on our growth. And as per our age & demands, our parents have always given us a bigger fish tank – the needed space to roam around and grow naturally; obviously with certain restrictions on few areas.

At the teenage we feel such restrictions are annoying and our parents are keeping us away from our desired freedom. We feel we don’t have enough space to take our own decisions. Sometimes, we fight for our freedom and misbehave. But no matter what we do, we don’t get that freedom to step into the Ocean of reality till a certain age.

But after getting into the ocean of reality we can understand that those restricted areas were just for our safety. We were feeling more secure at the childhood because of those restrictions; we were feeling more loved because of those caring hands and we were completely enjoying our life because our parents were always there to watch our growth.

Yes, God has made this ‘Big Earth’ for us to enjoy it with full freedom. But to get the strength of living our life with courage, God has gifted us our parents; who nourish our childhood with love & care and always try to keep us safe. Thank you God for this thoughtful gift and Thank You Mumma-Pappa for providing a perfect ‘Fish Tank’ at each stage of my childhood… ad

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Amee Darji


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