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Every year I plan a trip with family for at least one week. I have always enjoyed togetherness, beautiful views and leisure time during my all past trips. All those times have become beautiful memories for lifetime when I had spent time with the people I love to be with. But my recent trip was quite different from the earlier ones. Of course it was a wonderful time spent with family but that included some adventures activities. I know there are much more adventurous & dangerous task people attend in compare to which I call adventure for myself; but for me that was the first attempt and amazing experience of doing something different. Something kind of which I had never tried in my life. I had enjoyed Scuba Diving and most of the sea water rides which includes Parasailing too. With the wonderful memories this trip has left me with few learning for the life time.

The obstacle was fear and not my potential. – I had not tried such adventures in the past because I was fearful. I have never been a sports person because I was having fear of attempting failure.

The period of being fearful had started from the second I took decision to do something different till the second I attempted it. – It was preplanned that we’ll drive from Pune to Goa by road and experience the Scuba Diving at Malvan Beach in between. The day I decided to experience the life of underwater, I started being fearful. I was having fear of losing family, fear of losing life and fear of failure.

Surround yourself with the bold ones who can help building your courage & give fruitful advises. – From Malvan Beach through boat we reached Sindhudurg point for Scuba Diving. My elder sister who is having experience of Scuba Diving in the past, advised me to attempt it first. So I don’t get scared because of the other’s fearful attempts. I took her advice and got ready for my first underwater experience.

Fear vanishes on attempt of the task like a Magic. – The moment I moved underwater holding the steps of the boat and took my first breath from oxygen bottle, I forgot about the fear and the world around me was completely different. The first view of that different world of underwater gave me strength to leave the steps and enjoy the upcoming moments.

In a different phase of life never forget your basics. – It was for the first time I was experiencing being underwater. I was so fascinated to see the corals and beautiful fishes. By mistake I loosened the mouth-grip for my oxygen bottle and drank some amount of water.

Be ready for uncertainty and always keep faith alive. – After drinking some amount of sea water I controlled my breathing till I came upside. May be the practice of doing Pranayam helped me that time. Mr. Yogesh the instructor, diver and savior took immediate action after getting my signal and got me upside. Every time you can’t control everything. You need to rely on some system, some people and some situations. You need to trust an unknown person and that unknown person can really take very good care of your life. I’m so grateful to Mr. Yogesh who saved me once and showed the other beautiful world underwater.

Keep breathing is most important for life. – Underwater you become aware for your each breath and can feel importance of breathing which normally we don’t feel in the air.

After giving attempt to the task all the complexities becomes weightless. – Before attempting the Scuba diving the divers kept some weight on my body to keep me stable underwater and there was also some weight of oxygen bottle. But once I reached underwater there was no feeling of extra weight on my body. In fact my body felt weightless.  

For fulfillment - Live in the moment. – I have loved being underwater a lot. I had forgotten my fear, my family and the world upside the water. I tried a lot to hold at least one of the fishes for a second but could only touch a few. But it was great feeling to touch the softness of fishes and hardness of corals which kept me stable.

Attempt of fear is courageous & the outcome is incredible. – I could feel amazing for my first attempt of Scuba diving just because I was fearful at the beginning. And I’m grateful to God for making me courageous, so I could stick to decision of doing something different for my life.

ad, ameedarji, PositiveChagne, Positivity, Peace, Happiness, Parasiling, Goa, Adventure
Accompanying someone you love is always a treasure of Joy. – After finishing Scuba Diving we moved to Goa. My husband wanted me to go with him in Parasailing which I didn’t think of. But thanks to my husband I could experience flying for 2-3 minutes. I wish we could have been in the air for some more time.

All these learning I got through being underwater & flying are wonderful experiences which I wanted to live again & again; I hope with some more courageous levels and with some more exciting results… ad

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Amee Darji 


  1. Great Amee..keep experience the new and adventurous thing..fear is only the berier once we cross it rest everything is simple and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing...