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A few days ago I had a plan to meet an Entrepreneur Mr. Sandeep Patel for a Project work. When I reached his office, he was busy in a meeting. Fortunately, I was called in between to attend that meeting and listen to the conversations. Later on I understood why I was allowed in an in-house meeting, he doesn’t want to waste the Time in explaining their work and my role on that specified project. The meeting was about the upcoming targets of the company and he was discussing about the plans & actions needed to be taken care by the each department.

Being an external observer, I could feel the warm association between the staff members and a Boss. Actually, I should say a Leader. Why a Leader and not a boss? Well the answer to that question only encouraged me to write on the Tale of Grit of Mr. Sandeep Patel. Through the meeting discussions I found that Mr. Sandeep has very well understood the flaws & the best qualities of his each employee. Mr. Sandeep Patel - A Leader was holding a meeting where almost all the members were having freedom to ask questions and give their own ideas. 

Being a Leader Mr. Sandeep was totally in control about the flow of discussions, the conclusions, the deadlines and the cost. Being a Leader he was aware about the problems being faced by his employees & workers and was eager to solve them with the use of technology and new machineries. Being a Leader he was having complete knowledge about the processes and workload at each level. And to make sure the completion of the task within the deadline he could manage the staff of different departments to help each other at required stages. I could feel the flow of that meeting was in a complete Win-Win scenario till the end.

Mr. Sandeep Patel is a CEO of Nepra Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. His company is one of the leading companies providing Waste Management Solutions in Ahmedabad, India. Mr. Sandeep has started an initiative called ‘Let’s Recycle’ to provide Strategic, Eco friendly and Tech-savvy solutions to the waste management. When I asked Mr. Sandeep, ‘Why waste management business?’ he said “I always wanted to do something which most of the educated people would not like to do. And I found bigger challenges in this Waste Management Business.” The Tale of Grit is he has the Clear Vision of ‘The Benchmark’ for his company.

Through the further meetings and staff interactions I found Mr. Sandeep is so Passionate about the Waste and his positive approach, dedication & understanding is creating the work environment friendly & breathing. Mr. Sandeep has done a research about the Pollution norms, Eco systems, Waste strategies, Waste Generators & Recyclers for several years before jumping into the waste management business. The Tale of Grit is he wants to create a perfect Model through his company for the accomplishment of ‘Clean India Mission.’

Mr. Sandeep is a firm believer of building the Trust with his clients & within the organization through maintaining the deadlines & transparency. To fulfill the commitments and provide trainings, he himself has done waste pick-up and segregation many times. He firmly believes that with the technology & trained staff he can achieve the goal of becoming a Zero Waste Enterprise. His enthusiasm about the Waste & his hard work towards his goal is creating a great impact on the progress of the company and the people working for it.

All the employees and workers I got a chance to meet personally confirmed one stating that they have been given full freedom to work on their profiles by Mr. Sandeep Patel. The people working for ‘Let’s Recycle’ find opportunities in waste and are grateful for the learning they are getting through daily challenges. I could find few of them so motivated and passionate about their work, including people working at ground level. I could see the more leaders being created at each level of the company under the Great Leadership by Mr. Sandeep Patel.

Mr. Sandeep’s initiative ‘Let’s Recycle’ has made a huge difference in the life of more than 1000 waste pickers by providing a systematic working environment, insurance & daily payment by cash. His well equipped & tech-savvy waste picking facilities ends up with environment friendly solutions of reducing CO2 emissions. His strategy of not to say ‘NO’ to the client while picking up dry waste creates more value for a company willing to become a Zero Waste Company. To spread awareness on waste he has got created a mobile application called ‘Recycle Rewards’ and the presentations. The Tale of Grit is Mr. Sandeep Patel is creating a great impact on the environment through his Passion about the waste.

Mr. Sandeep Patel is a great Leader, a Mover and a very thoughtful Human Being. He is working hard for his Passion and creating the best from Waste. His dreams about creating Zero Waste Enterprise can become a great help to the ‘Clean India Mission’ of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. His company provides an opportunity for ALL who wish to join ‘Clean India Mission’ being an Industry, a Company, a Resident, a Socialist, a Volunteer or a Technophile… ad

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Amee Darji

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  1. A great going SAP. Keep the good work going, hope I too could be a part of the good job some how.
    Its really an opportunity in finding and you caught the catch and paving a better tomorrow for us and our kids.

    Way to go buddy!