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In this today’s world of religious fights and politics, does anyone care about the ‘Truth’ and ‘Truthful Living’? People love to talk about the comments one has made and creating news relating it with the religion. The Media, Entertainment industry and Politics all are co-related with each other in such a way that it has become difficult for a common person to reach the ‘Truth’. Where we going and what are we spreading through social media? Do we really care for the religion of which we belong to and our country? It is not only about your or mine religion or about a country. It is about what we want to be and what we give to each other.

Today is the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. His teachings were straightforward and simple. He firmly believed that the word ‘I’ or the ego was responsible for all our problems. He needed people to know that ‘Truth’ was all important, but ‘Truthful Living’ was even more essential. On the Guru Nanak Jayanti I would like to spread few messages of Guru Nanak.

As far as God is concerned there is no difference. God is also neither only Hindu nor only Muslim. His blessing extends to all those who live a life of COMPASSION, TRUTH and PIETY regardless of faith, religion or creed. He is the Creator, and is hence common to all.”

"To enable us to experience oneness we have to place RIGHT LIVING and RIGHT DEEDS above bookish creeds and religious rituals."

“Rich or poor, high caste or low, the bread earned by an HONEST living is superior. God blesses those who live a life of hard work and piety regardless of birth. All are equal in his eyes.”

"I belong to no sect and adore but ONE God. I see him in the earth below and in the heavens above and in all directions."

“Victory and defeat come from God. Do not forget that he who is victorious today may suffer the fate of the defeated tomorrow if he fails to glorify God. They who ruled yesterday, where are they today? ...DO NOT SOW THE SEED OF CRUELTY. He who is cruel himself suffers cruelty.”

"MY CASTE is that of wood and fire and I came from a town from where come both day and night."

“Saint or sinner, rich or poor, everyone has his own place on God’s earth. INNER QUALITIES WORK WELL than outer in the quest for God. Suffering and Happiness have to be experience by every person born. How much or how little is dependent on his actions.”

"SELFISH EGO IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF SIN AND SUFFERING and the remedy lies in renouncing self with humble service, sharing proceeds of efforts and sustaining self-effacing love for God."

“SUPERSTITION and BLIND FAITH is impediments to one’s growth as a good human being.”

BELIEVE IN GOD and there is no need to be afraid. No black magic and witchcraft can affect you if you believe in the power of God. Also, do not succumb to unnecessary temptations.”

“Ik Onkar Satinaamu, Karta purkhu, Nirbhau, Nirvairu, Akal murati, Ajuni Saibhan Gur prasadi. Aadi sach jugadi sach, hai bhi sach Nanak hosi bhi sach.”

Meaning: GOD IS ONE, HIS NAME IS TRUTH. He is the Supreme Creator of the Universe; he is sprit of the life. He is fearlessness, he is grudgeless. He is omnipresent; he is free from bondage of birth. He is self enlightening through the grace of the true Guru. Chant and meditate upon his name, because he is true from the time begin, he has been true since the ages, he is still true and ‘Guru Nanak’ says he will be True FOREVER.

Ik Onkar’ is the Mool Mantra (basic chanting) of Guru Granth Sahib. This chanting narrates the UNIQUENESS of God. The Guru Granth Sahib is treated like a living Guru. The Guru Granth Sahib contains compositions of the first five Gurus and the ninth Guru of Sikhism and sixteen Hindu and Muslim saints along with a few other poets like Mardana. Anyone regardless of caste or creed could and can still go and read from it.

I’m not a Sikh and don’t know much about Sikhism but yes I strongly do believe that GOD IS ONE. Is it so difficult to consider the other person a HUMAN instead of a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu or a Sikh? ... ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…

Amee Darji


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