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Once I read somewhere “What is that thing, for which you can die for?” Then I started thinking of the answer for myself. And my thought process started looking for the actual answer towards this question. Initially I felt that the answer is my love, but soon later I felt the answer is my kid. Then I thought it might be my whole family, again no-no, it is my friends too. But finally I realized that I never wanted to die for all of them…

Then I started looking the answer to this question in my work, my passion, my fun, my hobby, my image, my security and so on… What really is that thing for which I can die for?!!! And after having battle with self for some time I realized and also got upset to the answer. There is ‘Nothing’… Yeah, truly there is nothing in my life for which I can die for…

Really?!! Am I so selfish? Or am I very much rude? Or is there nothing interesting in my life? Or nothing much more excited to which I really can die for!!! This is so ridiculous and so disappointing. Then, after some time when I stopped fighting with my own thoughts, I have given an another chance to myself and thought the other way round and found my real feelings and I got very much peaceful towards myself.

Well, first of all till the date nothing has happened in my life through which I can prove that – “Yeah for this reason I can die for” and so I don’t know that actual reason. And at the same time I even don’t want to know because I don’t want such situation to come across in my life at all

And frankly speaking, I even don’t want to die for anything or anybody. Seriously, I mean it because I want to LIVE… I want to live to be with my love, my kid, my whole family and of course with my friends too!! I want to live for my work and for my passion. I want to achieve the goals of my life and I also want to reach to that stage for which I have always dreamed of. I want to live to create a Positive Change to the world, no matter how small it is. I want to live for that moment!!!

I want to celebrate my special days of the success & happiness with my friends and family. And I also want to be part of their celebrations too. I want to see my kid grow and want him to learn the lessons of the life and demonstrate him how to catch the happiness from the uncertainty of the life. I also want to get old with my love and share those golden days of life till the end of my life. I want to spread positivity and happiness around the world through my thoughts, beliefs & acts and I want to be a little part of bringing peace to the world. I want to…

Huh, lots of “I want” are coming in this way now. The list is just getting long and long. We humans desire for so many things. Am I right? Or Am I alone like this? I’m sure; I’m not the only person who is thinking like this and want so many things from life.

Now coming back to that initial question “What is that thing, for which you can die for?” I think, now we should re-establish the question with “What is that thing, for which you want to live for?” Yeah this one is perfect!!! In life when you can’t get the answer to a problem, then expand that problem a little bit so you can understand the actual cause to the problem and also find the way to solution.

Now I have the answer to it because I WANT TO LIVE. Live long for so many years, for so many things, for so many persons, for so many desires, for so many happy moments which are going land for sure, for peace, for love, for family, for friends, for you and me. Life is going to make an end one day, I know; but till then I want to live and I will live completely.

So come on, stop thinking on the things you can die for and now onwards just ask yourself and others too “What is that thing for which will you live for?” and everyone can search for their own amazing answers. Love yourself, love your life and live it entirely for your own happiness and peace of the world… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections, and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


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