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Whenever I hear a word ‘Doctor’, some additional words related to this profession automatically start floating in my mind like Sincere, Knowledgeable, Hard working, Rich and the most important one ‘BUSY’ with their tight schedule in serving the world. In this competitive world, it’s not like that the only Doctors are being busy. Nowadays almost all professionals of each field are being busy with their working life.

I have seen a few and even heard a lot about people talking and facing problems in balancing the professional and family life. In such scenario to spend a lonely time for self and maintain a hobby is quite difficult. Most of the professionals with their long working hours cannot give few minutes a day to read their favorite book. There are so many who cannot give time to their family; not even on weekends. And almost large amount of professionals has forgotten what their hobby was!!! And that’s why I felt the need to share the Tale of Grit of Dr. Pankaj Maheria.

Dr. Pankaj Maheria is an Anatomist and he teaches Anatomy at GMERS Medical College, Patan, Gujarat. Dr. Pankaj is also having his daily duties of taking lectures and being a Medical Professor he always keeps himself updated with the topics of his teachings. To update his knowledge, he regularly studies the advance book editions, publications and also refer subjects on the internet. So like all other professionals he is also busy with his daily working hours and learning part of his working life. But the Tale of Grit is – he is capable to spare some healthy time with his family and can preserve his hobby of Bird Photography on DAILY BASIS!

When I met Dr. Pankaj for the first time the experience was quite different. He is sincere, knowledgeable and hardworking doctor in his professional life, but as a person I found him very simple, cool and fun loving person. Dr. Pankaj Maheria and his wife both are nature loving people. Their hobby of bird watching made them close to each other and they got married. Generally, it happens to all the couples that after some time of getting married everyone forget to give priority to the family life & finds shortage of time for self. Usually people give more preference to the financial stability for Life. But the Tale of Grit is even after getting married Dr. Pankaj Maheria has continued his passion towards his hobby and giving first priority to his family.

Initially, Dr. Pankaj and his family have spent a lot of time in silence, watching the birds at Thol Lake. Later on they bought a binocular to watch the birds and after getting financial stability they have got the professional camera to click the bird movements. Till now they have visited almost all the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of Gujarat, India. And now they are planning to visit the Sanctuaries of other states of India and in future different parts of the World too. Visiting the different places and making trips for the Bird Photography with family provides them extra hours to spend together. In other words, his hobby of Bird Photography has strengthened the family bond.

Dr. Pankaj Maheria is not only known as a Doctor/ Medical Professor but also as one of the well known Bird Photographers of India. His photographs are being selected by different bird Photography sites like Oriental Bird Club, India Nature Watch, and Birderz. WWF India has selected few photographs of Dr. Pankaj Maheria to print on Flash Cards for study material. And Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS) has selected more than 20 photographs of Dr. Pankaj to print on Birds Study related books and Guides. His photographs have been used to create Birding Apps for Android mobile phones. The Tale of Grit is – Preserving the hobby of Bird Photography has created a different persona of Dr. Pankaj Maheria

Dr. Pankaj Maheria is a person of his own choices. His choices and priorities have made him successful & happy person for his work and family life. While chatting with Dr. Pankaj Maheria, once he said, “Each one of us is spending time on the activities as per our own priority list. And for me my family always comes first.” It’s not just about feeling or thinking to create a Successful Happily Balanced work & family life. Dr. Pankaj Maheria is living such wonderful & inspiring life... ad

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