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At the time of Summer Vacation, my Son was really very busy in playing with his friends for all the day long. Many times I had observed all the children playing outside and inside my home. These kids find the different kinds of games every day. They always play differently with the same toys and whatever things they have. They always find something to play, which we might have considered as garbage. They create something from the waste materials and enjoy themselves. They even can enjoy without having anything.

And suppose the children are more in numbers and start playing as a team, first of all they plan what and how they are going to play. They spend maximum of the time in discussing game rules and roles for the each individual. Most of the time while discussing the game and defining the roles they have lots and lots of disagreements and disappointments with each other. But somehow they come out with the solutions from these arguments and have the final conclusion about how they are going to play, what roles need to be performed during the game and at which stage the roles are going to swap. They even discuss & confirm how they are going to feel and what they are going to say during the game. Everything they decide before initiating the game and later on the game starts and finishes very smoothly. We can say they visualize what is going to happen in their game and finally they make it happen in reality.

In between the game some children need a reminder about the game rules, but that problem gets solved very easily because they remind each other without any kind of hesitation, frustration and self ego. They don’t hesitate to ask questions to each other and elders too. They learn, help and also share their knowledge with each other. In fact, they feel proud if they could explain something to others.

Many times they imitate like a Super Hero and act exactly the same. In showing the bravery or we can say doing the stunts they fell down and even hurt themselves. But after a little break of sometime in crying & getting pampered by their moms the game restarts with more enthusiasm. They again behave with the bravery and try the same difficulty level of the game. And after coming out from their fears, for which they might have also got hurt, they celebrate their happiness of achievement. And at the end of the day they have stories of their own bravery & happiness to share with the friends & family members. And again the very next day; a different game ends with a different story. Wow!!! The children are always the most inspiring source for the life.

By observing these playful activities of the children, I feel like – Let’s consider the life as a game and play it like a child… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


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