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It was an excellent day when Mital Kapadia got Distinction in her Class 10 results. That was a great achievement for herself and her family. The whole family celebrated her Success with Happiness. But in the year 2008 the phase of Mital’s life has changed completely, when she got failed in Science stream of Class 12. She got depressed about her own performance and also made her family extremely upset. After her Class 12th results her family members had given up on her. Mital’s result made her family so frustrated that they started disrespecting her a lot.

From the beginning Mital knew that this time she won’t be able to score as much as Class 10, because she was so disturbed about health of her closed family member. Before attending the Board examination for Class 12, Mital tried to convince her family to take a break from examination as she was not fully prepared. But Mital’s family forced her to attend the exam in the same year with the argument that she should have prepared herself in the beginning itself.

Her own disappointment about her performance and the behavior of her own family made her a patient of Migraine. Within just 3 months of a period Mital reduced almost 12 kg weight. She became so sick and lost almost all the hopes of life. Her own disappointment made her think about her own mistakes. The Tale of Grit is Mital looked behind and started finding her mistake to learn from them and move ahead. She found that it has been her great mistake to take Science stream in Class 12 as since childhood; she was more fascinated about an Art of Drawing.

Painting by Mital Kapadia
Mital wanted to make a career in the field of her interest, but now her family was not in support about any of her decisions. The Tale of Grit is Mital knew that now it is the time to show her family and friends what she is about. To pay the fees for her own studies, she started taking Drawing Tuitions. As Mital’s family had given up on her long back they didn’t expect a success in her struggle. But a brave girl has taken a firm decision about her life and she had started working hard on it. Her continued efforts made her clear not only B.Com but also Diploma in Fine Arts.

Below is the list of the Certificates which she gained through her art of Drawing.
  • Elementary Drawing Grade Examination Certificate from State Examination Board, Gujarat State - with grade A
  • Spot Painting Competition from Association in AID of Deaf People – Participation Certificate
  • Navneet Drawing Competition Certificate from Navneet Publication Limited – Participation Certificate with Group C
  • Intermediate Drawing Grade Examination Certificate from State Examination Board, Gujarat State – with Grade A
  • Foundation Diploma in Fine Arts Certificate from Kanoria Centre for Arts – with Grade B
Painting by Mital Kapadia
Mital Kapadia through her courage and hard work showed that failing once in a life is not The End but in fact it is The Beginning of a Great Life. Mital made a mistake of taking science stream in class 12 because her friends were taking science stream. At the early stage of life, not only Mital but even her family could not identify her field of potential. But her failure in life opened her eyes and gave strength to achieve success. Mital Kapadia is thankful to her Mother and a friend turned fiancé to become the backbone in her days of struggle. 

Currently, Mital Kapadia learning the Calligraphy work and enjoys being ‘An Artist’ which makes her Successful in her way of life. She presents her paintings and craft creations for different Art & Craft Exhibitions held in the city. She is feeling inspired by coaching more than 55 children about the Art of Drawing. Through her failure story Mital wants to share a message to the world that don’t follow blindly and be Firm towards your own Desire. Exhibition organizers and interested people in learning Art of Drawing can contact Mital at [email protected].

Wall of Paintings by Mital Kapadia
An epic of Mital Kapadia is an amazing instance to move ahead for all the students who failed or got less marks in their Board exams. It is also a great Learning to all the parents and family members who only blames their child for failure. At early age a child may not understand about his/her own potential, it is an elder’s responsibility to show the appropriate path of success. By sharing her Tale of Grit Mital Kapadia has proved that Failure is not fatal and Success has no destination; it is a life long Journey of hard work… ad

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