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“He is not talking to anyone; I think he is engaged in some mischief. I don’t believe him at all.”
“I saw both my neighbors talking yesterday and I doubt they must be talking about me only.”
“That group is being united to be part of a charity, but I think there is some uncertainty in their activities.”
“That person smiles at my spouse everyday and I can’t trust that one anymore.”
“That lady talks very nicely with everyone and I feel something suspicious about her character."

Do you find these statements familiar?

You might have said such statements and if not said than such thoughts might have come to your head. These thoughts of Skepticism started from ‘I doubt’ can create a very huge problem without having any strong evidence. And if doesn’t create an epic than definitely can disturb your own mind and surroundings.

Why only ‘I doubt’, ‘I don’t believe’, & ‘I can’t trust’ - such statements are concerning to others only? And why can’t for our own? Why no one is being skeptical of self?

But why someone would doubt his / her own? Because everyone finds himself / herself perfect as per their own mindset and with their own clarifications. Everyone can make self comfortable in any situation, because they will have one or other reason for their own behavior or failure. They can find so many reasons / persons to blame or doubt in their own life!!! True??

Hey! Wait for a while…

Think for yourself today… spend some time for self and see yourself like you are watching or judging the others… Do you really find yourself as perfect as you believe? I guess ‘NO’… There might be so many goals which you should have achieved but didn’t yet. There might be so many things which you should have said but didn’t yet. You might be over loaded with the past memories which you should have forgiven and lightened yourself but you still carrying that load. And instead of working on your own you have made busy yourself in observing and judging others.

Then why are you wasting your own time and energy in watching and judging others and creating GIANT issues just because of your habit of skepticism!!! And if you really want to doubt someone, that too on DAILY basis; then there is only one person in the world is YOU…

Ask yourself why can’t I get up early?
Why can’t I complete this project on time?
Why can’t I exercise every day?
Why can’t I control my anger?
Why can’t I stop smoking / drinking?
And so on… Once you’ll start having the habit of skepticism for your own, you’ll not have any time to doubt others.

Doubt your limits, doubt your behavior, doubt your capabilities, doubt your habits, and doubt your own strength… Everyday try to make yourself BETTER by having a habit of ‘Skepticism for SELF’ and not for others…

I hope you’ll start the habit of ‘Skepticism for Self’ from today onward and pray for me, that I’ll continue this habit forever… and if you already have such habit for so long then, please go ahead and keep inspiring others… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…

Amee Darji

1 comment:

  1. Nice thought Amee.. Sometime it good to doubt on yourself.. I used to do also.. it helps to change your thinking and behavior...