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We all are aware about ‘Happiness’. We know that it comes from within and not because of any outside incidents or reasons. But what happens; once we become happy? After a few days or maybe a few hours or in some cases a few seconds that so called ‘Happiness’ disappears like water drops evaporates in the Sun. And like dry leaf we start feeling lonely, tired and anxious and so on… Why such pauses happen; when we know the source of Happiness and already had found the one?!!! Just because of that Happiness hasn’t transformed into a Habit.

Let’s check one another Habit - The Habit of Exercise. We all know we should exercise every day. But only a few have this habit of exercise, because to cultivate the habit of exercising daily; it demands discipline, focus, mind control, determination and your own inner voice that “Whatever happens I want to exercise and I’ll exercise in any situation”. And when you forcefully command your mind and body every day with this statement, you can actually have the habit of exercising.

In the same manner, if you really want to be Happy at every bit of heart; you need to cultivate the habit of happiness. Avoid the habits, circumstances and relations which are always filled with Negativity. Accompany the ones who are really happy in your Happiness and know how to lift you up. Try to always look positive side of any situation. And once again, you’ll need discipline, focus, mind control and determination to get the habit of happiness. We need to discipline our body and mind to think, feel and act positively, which will ultimately bring the happiness. You need to forcefully command your body and mind about just being happy and work hard to get out from the negativity and sadness.

Let’s take a simple example of a Half-filled Glass. Everyone knows that the person who sees the glass half filled finds happiness in their lives. But don’t you think, sometimes satisfaction makes a person stable and it can stop the growth. And if you are not growing, ultimately you can’t be happy. And about those who sees the half glass empty; anyway they are making their selves unhappy by watching the negative side of the LIFE. The real happiness comes in working & struggling to fill that emptiness of the glass, to fill the emptiness of the life.  And when you find happiness in your Struggle; you start building the habit of Happiness.

Have you ever experienced the day when you worked hard and you got to sleep very soon, just like a small baby!! That’s nothing but the happiness of the hard work and struggle to complete the task within the timeline!! It gives the feeling of some achievement and that feeling satisfy the body & the mind. And that satisfaction is called the Happiness…

Happiness is everywhere. While playing, while cooking, while praying, while reading, while traveling, while celebrating and even while working, but all these occasions can become boring and tiring if you are not enjoying yourself while doing these activities. To enjoy each and every moment of your life you need to train yourself for Happiness, like an athlete. Start your routine with a smile, in search of real joy, in a search of cultivating the habit of happiness. Don’t do any activity just because you have to do it; involve yourself in the activity like you love to do & you’re enjoying it thoroughly. And with the Disciplined Practice & Positive Mind that boring routine can also become the Source of Happiness. And when you start loving and enjoying and being happy in your routine, you will definitely get the new way of thinking, the new way of doing your work and that will bring your routine to the NEXT LEVEL. You’ll start rising, you’ll start innovating.

Any Attempt done with the inner Happiness always get Treasured. And to bring out the inner Happiness you need to cultivate the HABIT of Happiness. And once you’ll have a Habit of Happiness you will shine like a STAR… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…

Amee Darji


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