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Sapan Shah is a usual young boy like each one of this era. Like other boys he also loves to play cricket and has cravings for almost all kinds of tasty food. Specifically, he is known as a Pizza Lover. Like other boys and girls he is also having a huge group of friends and family. He is also active on well known social media sites. He also goes out for hangouts with friends and enjoys a lot at parties. Like others, he takes selfies with his friends and also spends time in watching latest movies. He is also having a great interest in reading Adventurous Story Books.

But there is one characteristic in Sapan which makes him unique from the common hood, which demonstrates his Tale of Grit. And that is his constant Academic Achievements since his childhood. Currently, Sapan is studying Chartered Accountancy from ICAI and Bachelor of Commerce simultaneously. Below are a few records of his educational achievements till date.

  • SSCE – 99.98 percentile in Mar 2012
  • HSCE – 99.99 percentile in Mar 2014
  • CPT finals - 2nd rank in Ahmedabad in Jun 2014
  • Semester 1 of B. Com - 6th rank in Gujarat in Dec 2014

There are some rumors about Sapan and his achievements like – ‘He is a completely a different boy!’, ‘He is having some God Gifts!’ and the worst is ‘He doesn’t need to do anything to achieve this kind of academic results!!’ However, I think we all are different from each other and not only Sapan. God has also favored all of us with one or other gifts and not only Sapan. And I strongly believe that no one can walk on the road of success by NOT doing anything.

For me the big question was ‘Why such remarkable results Every Time only for Sapan?’ And to know the secret behind his Tale of Grit, I visited the Shah family and had a great conversation with Sapan and his parents. And during this talk I come to know that not only Sapan but the whole family is living with the fundamental philosophy of Hard Work and Dedication. And the Tale of Grit is that – The Shah family is living with this High level of philosophy through the complete simplicity & happiness in their life.

When I asked Sapan who is your Role Model and to whom do you follow? The answer was “My Dad”. According to Sapan his father Mr. Bharat Shah is a very cool person and he is well known at his workplace for his Honesty and Hard work. Sapan learned the qualities like working hard and being dedicated towards the desired goal, from his father. Sapan’s mother Mrs. Shilpa Shah has played a great role in nourishing the roots of the Sapan’s character. She is a certified Yoga Teacher but she knows how to cook tasty, healthy and a favorite food of her child. She is handling her own small scale Tailoring Business but she is aware of planting good qualities in her child. She is also having her responsibilities as a House Wife but she works hard to help her child in preparing study materials and referring books for him. She also helps Sapan a lot in doing revision study during his examination days.

Like all other parents, Sapan’s parents has given him the best environment to grow as an Intelligent child and a Good human being; but the Tale of Grit is that Sapan has grabbed the best qualities of parents which he has experienced through their behavior since his childhood

Below are the rituals strictly obeyed by Sapan:
  • He daily revises what he has studied in schools and classes by the end of the day.
  • He spends minimum 9 to 10 hours of studying, from the day one of term starts and at the time of examination study hours expands to minimum 14 hours.
  • He believes that taking rest is very important and he sleeps continuous 8 hours in a day. And be focused during the rest of hours in his studies only.
  • To have refreshment during the study, he takes a few breaks and get online with social media and spend time with his family. But the Tale of Grit is that after a few minutes he gets back to his studies without fail.
  • He always ignores what people think and says about him. He keeps continue doing what he wants to and suppose to do.
  • He is running behind the ultimate goal of becoming a Reputed Chartered Accountant on his own path of success.

To his fellow students Sapan wants to convey the message that – “You can choose any field for studying and build a career, but the success is not possible without the hard work and dedication towards your own interest.”

Sapan is very grateful to his Parents for giving him the silent and comfortable environment at home to achieve the wonderful results from childhood. And he is also Thankful to his all Teachers who have always helped in solving queries till the last day of exam.

The Shah family is following one custom that whenever Sapan get the highest marks in the final tests, his mother needs to pay for the family treat and rest of the time his father. I wish Sapan achieve the greatest results not only in academic exams, but in each test of life and his mother continue spending on the treats for his each Tale of Grit… ad

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Amee Darji

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