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Through reliable sources I come to know about Mr. Prashant Farmer and an extraordinary habit of him, which made me fascinated to meet and write something about him in this Tale of Grit segment. The Habit which keeps him away from the common hood is his ‘Habit of Reading’.

He is an MBA with 14 years of work experience in the Financial Service Industry. The Tale of Grit is he quit his well paying job in January 2014 and dedicated one full year into Reading, Studying and Preparing to pursue his Passion of Life. He has read around 500 odd books during this time on various subjects ranging from Self-help to Behavioral Economics, Decision Making, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Science and many more. At present he runs his own Private Consultancy and Coaching. He also gives lectures and conducts seminars at various organizations.

When I asked him about how many hours a day do you read? The surprising answer was “Almost, all the day”. Like others, he is also having a family and work, then how come a person can read all the day? The Tale of Grit is he is very much Selfish about the Time. He doesn’t waste a bit of time in a day. Whenever he gets free from his work he keeps on reading without fail. He also adds that he is a Lifetime Student and he reads so much to continuously learn and Help people. His expertise is to gather information from books, synthesize the information into knowledge and build life changing strategies around that knowledge.

According to him unless and until we start gathering knowledge “We don’t know what we don’t know”. We need someone to help us to see these things that we don’t know. Being a human we become very good planners, but we fail to become “Doers”. His flagship program of “Creating a Life Plan” is created around this strategy of taking small, simple and consistent action. His mission is to provoke & stimulate people into higher levels of thinking. He seriously believes there is an acute need for people to raise their standards and ask better things from life. He is on a mission to provide Life Skills to as many people as possible. According to him this is the education that we never get in schools/colleges. He believes that we need something more than motivation to navigate through life.

He has developed and conducts his Personal Coaching in various Life Skill modules like:
·         Creating a Life Plan
·         Decision Making
·         Understanding Self in a Better Way
·         How to Change anything about Self
·         Communication Strategies.
According to him, these training modules are a summary of all his working & reading exposure. They will provide immense value to the participant and will elevate his thinking to a higher level. Interested people can send their details at [email protected] for their Life planning.

I found Mr. Prashant very Calm, Thoughtful, Kind and down to earth person. He is a perfect embodiment of ‘Simple living and High Thinking’. When asked what would be the single most important thing a person should do to be successful, he says “Take Action – Take small but consistent action”. I’m so thankful to Mr. Prashant to give me a chance to meet him personally and share his valuable thoughts with me. According to me he is working and HELPING people through his Personal Consultancy, being a “Life Planner”… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…

Amee Darji
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