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I visited H. A. College of Commerce one day with the intent of meeting a group of students. The group members I met are Sameer Yadav, Bhavya Patel, Krima Jardosh, Bhumika Agrawal, Juhi Barot, Jaimin Khavadiya, Rinkal Panchal, Pooja Dosani, Vrushangi Gohel and Jean D’souza. Oh! Let me clarify: Ms. Jean D’souza is not a student, but an educator of this college. Why am I writing about this group in this Tale of Grit segment? It is true that after meeting them, I found that they shared a very good friendship rather than a teacher-student relationship. But the real reason behind me sharing their story is because I was amazed about the cause that created their bonding. 

The college has been preparing for their Reaccreditation process and needs to prepare itself for a sort of inspection by a team of experts. The library is a part of the criteria for the grading given to the college by this team. One fine day some months ago, Sameer visited his College Library and he found out that there could be a lot that could be improved. After talking to the Librarian, he understood that it was next to impossible to re-arrange and manage such a big library of more than 30,000 books with limited manpower. He came up with the idea of asking the college students to volunteer in rearranging the books in their free time. He shared his thoughts with Ms. D’souza and without wasting time, she took him to the Principal Dr. Sanjay Vakil. I could make out that Dr. Sanjay Vakil is an able and dynamic principal, from the way Ms. D’souza and the students spoke about him. 

With the permission from the Principal and the backing of Ms. D’souza, Sameer started talking to other students to volunteer in arranging Library. Sameer told me that initially he started this Library Arrangement Project with some other group of students; but day by day a few of them stopped coming and also in the meantime new members joined the movement. And finally, the above mentioned team has somehow survived to become Firm Volunteers in arranging the College Library which is the 2nd biggest library of the colleges in Ahmedabad.

These volunteers spend an extra 3-4 hours daily to arrange the books with their regular studies. They also come on holidays and Sundays to accomplish the task. In the process of arrangement, they glue the torn pages of certain books and cover some of them to prevent the further damage. They have also cleaned the storage area and swept, wiped & mopped the room. They segregated and labeled the books to make for an easy access in future.  While segregating the books they found that this Library has a great collection of the books on different subjects like Accounting, Management, Economics, Statistics, Law, Literature, Biography, Encyclopedia, Religious, Novels and Fictions too.

The volunteers acknowledged that while doing this task they have also learned and benefited a lot. They came to know about Great Books and great Authors. They got a clear idea about their own interest of the subject. Being with books they have been inspired to read more. They are being noticed and getting special admiration from all the teachers and the admin staff. Their work has been appreciated in the GLS Newsletter – ‘GLS Voice’. They admitted that they have a great amount of self satisfaction of doing something for their own college, which is going to be helpful to current students as well as the students of the future. And a significant result is they have become very good friends with each other.

H. A. College of the Commerce is the Help Centre of the Gujarat University for the admission process in streams like - B. Com., BBA, BCA, M. Sc. -IT, & MBA. This group has also volunteered in helping the huge walk-in crowd in understanding the Online Admission Process. When the Principals of other colleges become aware about this group, they requested them to help their colleges also. This group has also volunteered in the admission process of the other colleges like, Sir L. A. Shah Law College and I. M. Nanavati Law College for LLB-3, LLB-5 & LLM-3 courses. The newspaper - DNA Ahmedabad - has also published an article about their social work.

The volunteers do believe that they have found their ability to do such admirable work along with their studies because of their friendship with their own teacher Ms. D’souza. All of them eat, laugh and hang out together daily. They visit each other’s families and can talk about anything at all. The parents of these students are not worried at all because they know their children are spending time in good company with the nourishment and care of Ms. D’souza. The Tale of Grit is that the members of this group want to continue such social work in future along with their careers.

By sharing the Tale of Grit of this ‘H. A. College Group’ through my blog article - I would like to salute all the Parents of these volunteers who have greatly nurtured them to become ‘Good Humans’. I would love to applaud for Ms. D’souza for sharing a friendship with her students and encouraging them to be a part of such social activities. And I’m so grateful to all the volunteers who have become a great source of inspiration to the society. I truly believe that such young blood is needed everywhere; who, instead of enjoying themselves with mindless activities, are spending their time in being useful to others… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections, and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji

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(In photograph Left to Right – Pooja Doasani, Krima Jardosh, Juhi Barot, Ms. Jean D’souza, Dr. Sanjay Vakil, Bhavya Patel, Rinkal Panchal, Bhumika Agrawal, Jaimin Khevadiya and Sameer Yadav.)


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