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My son has got few Flash Cards of some Superheroes from a packing of chocolates. He loves those Flash Cards a lot. And he always carries them in his pocket - while playing, watching cartoons, cycling, while visiting his activity classes and even washrooms!!! Lols… And while he is falling asleep, he always keeps those Flash cards under his pillow and after waking up; the first thing he does is about taking those cards in his hands. In short, he is living with those Flash Cards all the day long. Unfortunately, he cannot take those Flash cards at school, as any kind of Toy is not allowed in school premises. But after coming back from school, without fail, he takes those Flash cards and keeps them in his pocket again.

I feel this is the very common feature of each and every child. They possess madness after their selective Toys or some habits. The child of yours’ might be doing such things and perhaps we also would have been behaving similarly in our childhood!!! Childhood is the most natural, loving and the fearless phase of the life. A child doesn’t know that he is taking any kind of risk while playing around. The only thing concerned for a child is a joy and laughter; he gets being with his madness.

Can’t we consider our passion and the goals of life as those Flash Cards?!!! And become a child again to achieve the purpose of our life!!! Let’s love and live our Passion and carry it in our pocket all the day long. Let’s sleep, keeping the flash card of our passion under the pillow and after waking up first take it in our hands. Let’s keep our Passion and our most desired goals in our mind everywhere we go. And it might be possible in some places or at some circumstances of life we are not allowed to move in with it, but we can always keep it in our mind that after a few moments or a certain phase we’ll have to be with our Passion again. Let’s become a child just to be with our own Passion.

I know to become a child and live with our own passion is a tough task, but there is not any fascination in living an ordinary life. And if a little kid, can live with its passion, then why not us?!!! As we consider ourselves brave and more skilled than a child. Keeping a flash card of our passion in our pocket all day long will remind us each and every moment the Purpose of our life. There is too much chaos in this fast moving lifestyle. We forget ourselves and our innermost desires in being just BUSY. And we are great in postponing our own desires on ‘someday’. 

Life is too short and ‘someday’ never comes. Do it today. Live it today. Show your true madness about your Passion. It’s never too late to be what you meant to be. Be what you have always wanted to be and live with your Passion. Let’s have some guts and become a superhero of our own life. Don’t hesitate in being what you are. Living with the Passion gives a feeling of an achievement and the daily little achievement adds the happiness to the life. And only a happy life can spread the happiness to rest of the world, like a child… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


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