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Today's era might be known as 'Selfie Era' in the future!!! Nowadays having a smart-phone and taking Selfie has become a trend. And this trend is very much popular among the youth, oldies, groups and celebrities. Before few days I have read a news line on Selfie; that was so-called the 'Richest Selfie'. Yeah, it was a selfie of the three richest persons on the planet!!! I have also seen one other Selfie which has got the highest numbers of likes on a social media, when a famous pop-singer has purposely come into the Selfie frame of her fan. Almost everyone takes selfie and set as their profile picture; to get noticed, to get likes and to get attached to their world of connections.

Even I have chosen one of my favorite Selfies for this blog post. Isheta Sarckar has taken this selfie. She is an Anchor, Model, Singer, Performer and a very Beautiful Inspiring Woman I know. Why this selfie is one of my favorites? - Because it was clicked during her LIVE performance. It was taken while she was WORKING!!! And even if she was working, you can notice the Charm, the Confidence, the Satisfaction and the Happiness on her face. She is carrying a posture of a WINNER. Like she has achieved all the goals on that day & now she is celebrating. And also eagerly waiting for tomorrow to start making future dreams come true!!! You can also check the surroundings; people also seem to be very HAPPY!! Happy with her performance, happy with her WORK and happy to get happiness from her efforts!! These people are also capturing the moments of her conquest to get more and more inspiration and happiness.

You all might be doing some different kind of works. You might be studying. You might be working on projects. You might be chasing deadlines. You might be in search of employment. You might be taking care of your home & family. Or the best of all works - you might be spending your valuable time in making some needed happy. Whatever works you might be doing all the day, but do you take such selfies at our workplace? The selfies; which are filled with victory and that too with the whole happiness of surroundings!!!

It's a difficult task indeed, but I think it's not an impossible one. This stage of achievement, anyone can bring at their workplace. Start loving your job or do the job you would love to do. Whatever works you might be doing, don't do just for the economic income. You can do it for creating a change - A positive change in the world. You can do it being a true Leader. You can do it while spreading positivity & happiness to your surroundings. You can also do it for your inner happiness. Being happy in your work and attaining daily little wins can lead you to the achievement of your dream desire. Start working and pursue your innermost desire with the high amount of self-confidence, full devotion towards the goal and work hard until the accomplishment of the task. And don't forget to take the SELFIES of your inner happiness at some stage of performance to gain and multiply such encouragement wave.

I hope and pray; you can get an Inspiration through this stimulating selfie. I hope you start finding happiness in your work. I hope you can achieve your daily little goals and finally can take a selfie of inner happiness at your WORK. Keep continue selfieing

I heartily thank Isheta Sarckar for taking such a Graceful selfie and inspiring me to write some words on it. Thanks Isheta, I wish you always construct all your desires and continue creating an aura of happiness through your work… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


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