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A few days ago I was encountered by some interesting questions and arguments by my little one:

How the day and night does come?
What is earth? If earth is like a ball, then where are we? Are we inside or outside?
If the earth is moving around The Sun then why don't we fall?
I have checked The Sun outside, nothing is moving around it.

Initially, these questions made me irritated, but after a while I felt amazed that he is curious enough to know something new. He might have heard something about it in the school and wanted to know more. I had explained and made him understood at my level best. But I would have never explained such topic to him at this early age if he was not desperate for the answers.

The point is -
Are we curious enough to know and learn something new?
Do we dare to ask such questions arising inside us?
Are we really looking for any answer in our life?

We are getting the same thing for what we're looking for.  There is one saying in Gujarati Language “Mangya vagar Maa y na pirse” (Meaning: If you don’t ask for, you’ll not be served even by your mother). Don’t expect any kind of help from your Boss or your co-worker and don’t think they will provide you training on any subject without your concern or deep desire to learn something new.  You need to show your interest and desire for learning new things to grow.

Raise the appropriate question, at the appropriate time and to the appropriate person to get the perfect knowledge & quality answer. Learning is a lifetime process and it has nothing to do with the age. Every single person you meet knows something, which you don’t. That doesn’t mean you need to listen to each and every subject of people is talking. From all such distractions of knowledge, decide for yourself on which direction you want to get the excellence. And accordingly associate with such individuals who can provide you the better understanding. Be curious and always ready to learn. And after asking a question properly, listen carefully for better understanding and new learning... ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections, and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


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