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Mother: “Who is your favorite God?”
Son: “Hanumaan, Lord Krishna, Ganpati Bapa and that - Naaraayan Naaraayan.” Hahahaha… the son started laughing, which made his mother laugh…

Mother: “You mean Narad Muni?!!”
Son: “Yes, Narad Muni & that one also, who is having a snake around his neck.”
Mother: “Lord Shiva!?”
Son: “Yes, Lord Shiva.” And after a bit, son asked his mother…

Son: “Mumma, does snake also have God inside its heart?”
Mother: “Yes, God is everywhere and also in the heart of every living thing.”
Son: “If God is there in snake’s heart, then why snake bites?” The mother took a chance to ask a counter question…

Mother: “You are also having a God in your heart, then why are ‘You’ behaving badly sometimes?” The Son could only give a smile in reply and the mother continued…

Mother: “God is counting every act of yours. If you are behaving badly, then God will be sad with you. And if you are behaving Good, Helping someone and having good Habits then God will be so happy with you.”
Son: “Do you know Mumma, one day I had helped one Ant. Come with me, and I’ll show you.” Son takes his mother outside…

Son: “Can you see these ants Mumma? One day, one ant was trying to carry some food. But the ant was so tired and she was not able to carry that food to her home. So, I picked up the food and kept it near her house. And after that, all the ants started taking that food towards their home. By this way I helped that Ant. Does that mean God is now happy with me?”

Mother: Yes of course my Son, God is now happy with you and so do I. And all the Ants might have clapped for you, because you have helped them out. Very Good my Son, keep it up…”

I’m so glad my Son is having a good heart and unknowingly doing acts of kindness…

From last few days I have noticed that my son has started talking a lot. He not only asks so many questions, but he also has so many things to share. So many times I and my husband had asked our son to keep quiet because of his nonstop chatting. I was eagerly looking for a Mute button for my child’s nonstop soundtracks. But after such conversation, I came to know about an adoring act of my child.

So many times we don’t talk to our children because we are busy. So many times we don’t notice our children because we think it’s not worth watching. So many times we don’t understand what their real intention behind their behavior is. So many times we don’t care and admire about their acts of goodness. And behind all this ignores the key excuse is – we don’t have time.

But if we notice our own lifestyle – we are wasting so much of time in checking and chatting with our social networking connections, watching TV, gossiping, reading and watching insignificant news lines and worrying always about tomorrow. For a change, stop wasting such time and devote that much of time to your children. Watch them being real, Listen to their meaningless talks, Play stupid games with them, Love them, Hug them, Praise them and don’t forget to say that you love them a lot…

Openly talking and spending time with the children will help them to understand how they should think, behave and act. This will help us to understand the good qualities of our child as I have come to know about the act of kindness by my little one. This will help us to be with a Great Source of Inspiration - ‘A Child’ as I have got inspiration to write a few words. This will help us to understand our children better and if required we can mold them to become a Good Human at a very early stage.

This world is always in need of the people with Good Heart who are being thoughtful and caring for each other. A more caring and loving people can make the world more peaceful and alive. The world of the future is in our hands we can either make it scary or beautiful. Think & be Wise… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…

Amee Darji


  1. Beautiful thought and so True. Thank You so much for beautiful thought that will help me a lot.

  2. Feeling good that my work is helping someone ... thanks for reading and sharing your views.... keep reading... 😇🙏🏻