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Me...? Amee! The meaning of my name is Sweetness, a person who is Kind, Beloved, Amiable, Gracious and with pleasant mind & feelings. I know, I’m not like the meaning of my name but yes, I’m daily striving hard to deserve my name.

I’m a Daughter, a Wife, a Proud Mother, a Friend, a Beginner writer and a LEARNER for a lifetime. My mission is to bring Positivity, Happiness and Peace to the world through my deeds, thoughts and beliefs. I am striving to become the happiest person that anyone had ever met, full of Positivity and calmness. 

This blog link is a place where I’m sharing my Learning, Thoughts and Beliefs. This is my little contribution on the ultimate path of the Peace to bring the Positive Change in the world. I hope my words can convert the deep feelings of my beliefs about Happiness and Success. I wish my blogs can inspire you to move on your ultimate goal.

Please provide your contact details with the brief message at Contact Us ; either to get published your story in Tale of Grit segment or any other Freelance work related to Writing & Consultancy. I’m grateful to you, dear Reader for spending your valuable time in reading my blogs and I request you to Post in the comments to report back how it went! Keep Reading… ad

Your Friend Always
Amee Darji