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One day a little boy visited a hospital with his parents to see his Aunt. After reaching home the boy asked his mother.

Boy: “Mom, why Aunt is there in the hospital?”

Mother: “Because she is not feeling well.”

Boy: “When will she come back home?”

Mother: “Today, while praying, you ask the God to make your aunt healthy. God will surely listen to your prayers and your aunt will be home soon.”

From that day the boy started praying God to make his aunt healthy. But unfortunately, after 2 days the boy himself got sick. When he came back from the school he was having little temperature. The mother gave him medicine and asked him to take a rest. While sleeping the boy requested his mother…

Boy: “Mom, now you pray to God, and ask him to make me healthy.”

Mother: “Dear God, please make my Son healthy” and then she added, “You can also pray God for yourself.  Ask God to make yourself healthy.”

Boy: “Dear God, Please make my Aunt Healthy!…”

Next day, the boy was not having fever and his aunt was discharged from the hospital 2 days later…

PS: Thanks to Tanish… for setting Great Instance on the Power of SELFLESS Prayer… ad


A Little boy was ready to leave for School. He opened the fridge door & took three cherries. His mother asked him to have it fast so they can reach Bus-stop on time. He replied to his mother that he will give two cherries to his bus-mates & will have one with them. But on the way to the bus stop one cherry dropped by mistake. Curiously, the mother questioned her son.

Mother: “Now what will you do? To whom you won’t give the cherry?!!!”

That little boy reached at the bus stop and then offered rest two cherries to his bus-mates and smiled...

PS: Love you a lot Tanish for being so Sweet & Caring… ad


One evening in a house a mother was cooking and her son was playing in other room. The son is very naughty & usually finds anything to play with and normally he creates noise while playing. But that day he has found one photo album to play. It was a wedding album of his parents. His mother didn't heard any noise of her son playing for a few minutes. So curiously, she checked the room where her son was playing. 

She found her son was staring at one picture and was looking so emotional and sad. That picture was her own where she was crying with her father. She asked her son…

Mother: “What are you doing?”

Son looked at his mother and said...
Boy: “Mom, ask this mom to not to cry”

The mother hugged him with a smile and tears in her eyes… soon the son  also started crying… After few minutes mother has pampered her child with the hugs and kisses and made him smile… ad

PS: I love my Son Tanish for loving me soooooooooo much… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


  1. Mrs. Darji,
    Loved it...�� so simple and pure. The last paragraph, it touched my heart ♥. I can actually visualize and feel that love. Well written article *thumbs up*. Liked the way you notice and copy all minute things of your child. ��

    Best Regards!

    1. Thanks all the credit goes to my lil one ....