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All the day, we spend so much of hours on building the relationships with the people of our surrounds. We spend almost all our lives in being acceptable and adjust ourselves to the life of others. It is an excellent practice to devote ourselves to others and to be helpful and caring and kind to others. But we must take care that in building the relationship with others we don’t forget to build relationship with our own self. In taking care of others, we don’t forget to take care of ourselves. In being associated with others we don’t forget to become what we are.

It is said and observed that we become the person of our association with. We grab the habits, likes and dislikes of our environment. We start assuming; acting and behaving like the persons we are associated and influenced most of.  But in observing and acting like others, we forget the way that we are; we forget to live as per our own beliefs. And the purpose of life is not to become someone else; it is to become who we are. It is to become who we meant to be. And to become what we meant to be, developing self relationship is must for every individual.

To develop the relationship with self we can spend time in exercising, yoga, reading some good stuff, meditation, prayers or we can say taking to the God or Universe. We can have nutritious food and drink plenty of water.  We can spend some time alone with nature, have lonely long walks, and watch the sunrise or flying birds or moving fishes. We can spend time looking in the mirror and talking, praising, laughing and loving self. To improve self relationship we can also listen to the music of our own choice and sing and dance along with. We can improve Self Relationship by writing some lines of the day spent & achievements and setting the things to do on the next day and in upcoming life.

Self relationship can also be developed by cultivating the habit of forgiveness. Forgiving others will lighten the load of life and forgiving self will open the lucid lane to lead. We all are humans and mistakes are bound to happen. Scold, forgive and improve yourself after attempting a mistake. Learn from the mistakes of self and others and be conscious to not to repeat them. Be open to self to try something new, something adventurous which you might have feared in the past, something fascinating to self. Spend lots of time in practicing the fearful act before attending it in public. Spend lots of time in improving and making self a better person.

Self relationship can also be developed by doing something good for unknown people, doing something helpful on a regular basis for those who cannot repay. Visit and spend some time at hospitals, orphanages, old age homes or do some social activities. Develop the habit of helpfulness for the ultimate happiness of the soul. Devote yourself in spreading smiles and happiness to the world. Improve your relationships with others by developing the Self relationship. Build the Self Relationship by spending some time in the improvement of your health, thoughts, behavior and deeds. Build the Self Relationship by associating with your own soul… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji


  1. Yes. I ll definitely start spending time with my own. Everyday...