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We all know we should start our day with the Gratitude towards God to spend the entire day with Happiness and Peace. To be thankful to God, there are few Shloka which we can chant in the morning daily. Every day first in the morning we should be Thankful to God for giving us one another day to live the purpose of our life. To be grateful to God first in the morning, sit up in the bed look at your hands and say below Shloka.

કરાગ્રે વસતે લક્ષ્મી: કરમૂલે સરસ્વતી।
કરમધ્યે તું ગોવિંદ: પ્રભાતે કરદર્શનમ ।।

Meaning: At the fingertips of my hands Goddess of Wealth Laxmi exists, at the palm of my hands Goddess of Wisdom Saraswati exists and at the base of my hands God of highest Pleasure Govinda (another name of Lord Krishna) exists. And early in the morning I’m bowed down in devotion to them.

The next step you can do is touching the ground with your right hand, to be thankful to the Goddess of Earth and after that keep your feet on the ground. We should be thankful to the Goddess of Earth for keeping our weight in her arms for the whole life of ours. To be grateful for the Goddess of Earth, every day in the morning we should say below Shloka.

સમુદ્રવસને દેવિ ! પર્વતસ્તનમંડલે ।
વિષ્ણુપત્ની ! નમસ્તુભ્યં પાદસ્પર્શ ક્ષમસ્વ મે ।।

Meaning: The Goddess who is wearing clothes of the Ocean, the Goddess who is having the upper body of mountains and the wife of Lord Vishnu (another name of Lord Krishna) – Goddess of Earth; I’m bowed down in devotion to you. Please forgive me for keeping my foot on you.

Later on you can bear in mind and be grateful to the Lord Krishna by saying below two Shloka.

વાસુદેવસુતં દેવં કંસચાણૂરમર્દનમ ।
દેવકીપરમાનંદમ કૃષ્ણમ વન્દે જગદ્દગુરૂમ ।।

Meaning: The son of Vasudeva, The one who brings an end of King Kansa & wrestler Charnur, The one who gives highest pleasure to Devaki (mother of Lord Krishna) and the God of Universe Shri Krishna I’m bowed down in devotion to you.

મુકં કરોતિ વાચાલં પંગુમ લંઘયતે ગિરિમ ।
યત્કૃપા તામહં વંદે પરમાનંદમાધવમ ।।

The one whose blessing can convert a voiceless in talking and can create a handicapped in reaching the mountain top; I’m bowed down in devotion to that God of highest Pleasure Madhava (another name of Lord Krishna).

By practicing daily for this ancient ritual of chanting Shloka in the morning will keep you calm and graceful for the entire day no matter what happen. Start your day with Thanking God for everything and have a smile on your face for the whole day… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji

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