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Have you ever thought about the DOOR there in your own house?
Why are we keeping doors?
Why this object is so much important?

The answer to all these questions is ‘Safety’.

Normally, we keep the door closed & even lock it precisely while sleeping, just because we don’t want any stranger to enter into our house. We have opened this door just for our family, friends and some known persons. And for unknown, we keep security check in and also cross check the details and let them enter with full consciousness in our head. Just because we don’t want anything wrong to happen to our home and our family. We are being so much conscious and insecure about our house and the ones who are living in it. And as a safety to this consciousness, the Door is the first device which helps us a lot. Am I right?

Well, personally I do believe that ‘My first home is my own Heart’. The real ‘I’ created by God himself, is living in our own HEART from the moment we born, until we die. Do we keep door for that ‘I’, for our own Heart, which is the most important home almost for all our lifetimes? This world is full of abundant positivity & negativity both. We must cross check the details of each thing & thoughts which are being entered into our heart. And you can do this only if you have kept a door with the security check in your heart. Don’t let happen anything wrong to your own heart.

In this world, there are so many things, which need to be grabbed & spread and also there are so many things, which need to be avoided & thrown out. And you are the ONLY BEST person to decide what you should keep & spread and what need to be blocked and thrown out from your heart. Each and every person you encounter is going to give you something, and in return will take something from you. That can be anything feelings, love, devotion, friendship, companionship, happiness, fight, argument, harshness, faithfulness, calmness etc. Be positively conscious enough; while receiving and providing every emotion through your heart.

Be insecure & conscious for your own sake and don’t let negative things enter into your heart, because if you are carrying negativity within you, it won’t be possible for you to spread positivity in the world. It is just for you, because YOU have to live in your heart for all the life time. And it is better to live in, a proper secure place where there is NO ENTRY for negativity. There are so many in this world to keep and spread negativity, you have to be DIFFERENT and be yourself.

It is really very difficult to live with the negativity, because negativity creates suffocation and in suffocation it is hard to breathe. Observe some negative person from your background or even yourself if you are being Negative person. The Negative people are not at all satisfied with anything in their life and always be ready to take some revenge. But they don’t understand that they are fighting with their own self. Because the real ‘I’ living in the heart, never wanted to be locked in the shield of Negativity. Don’t let that real ‘I’ die, by keeping negativity inside the heart. Don’t die before your death time arrives.

Always let enter positivity in your heart, therefore only positivity & happiness get spread by you. The real ‘I’ living inside you, your SOUL wants happiness and only Positivity can create the real happiness in the heart.

Don’t forget to… Always keep a security check ON at the doorstep of your heart for Positivity Vs Negativity in any form being entered… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji