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Have you ever thought about the DOOR there in your own house?
Why are we keeping doors?
Why this object is so much important?

The answer to all these questions is ‘Safety’.

Normally, we keep the door closed & even lock it precisely while sleeping, just because we don’t want any stranger to enter into our house. We have opened this door just for our family, friends and some known persons. And for unknown, we keep security check in and also cross check the details and let them enter with full consciousness in our head. Just because we don’t want anything wrong to happen to our home and our family. We are being so much conscious and insecure about our house and the ones who are living in it. And as a safety to this consciousness, the Door is the first device which helps us a lot. Am I right?

Well, personally I do believe that ‘My first home is my own Heart’. The real ‘I’ created by God himself, is living in our own HEART from the moment we born, until we die. Do we keep door for that ‘I’, for our own Heart, which is the most important home almost for all our lifetimes? This world is full of abundant positivity & negativity both. We must cross check the details of each thing & thoughts which are being entered into our heart. And you can do this only if you have kept a door with the security check in your heart. Don’t let happen anything wrong to your own heart.

In this world, there are so many things, which need to be grabbed & spread and also there are so many things, which need to be avoided & thrown out. And you are the ONLY BEST person to decide what you should keep & spread and what need to be blocked and thrown out from your heart. Each and every person you encounter is going to give you something, and in return will take something from you. That can be anything feelings, love, devotion, friendship, companionship, happiness, fight, argument, harshness, faithfulness, calmness etc. Be positively conscious enough; while receiving and providing every emotion through your heart.

Be insecure & conscious for your own sake and don’t let negative things enter into your heart, because if you are carrying negativity within you, it won’t be possible for you to spread positivity in the world. It is just for you, because YOU have to live in your heart for all the life time. And it is better to live in, a proper secure place where there is NO ENTRY for negativity. There are so many in this world to keep and spread negativity, you have to be DIFFERENT and be yourself.

It is really very difficult to live with the negativity, because negativity creates suffocation and in suffocation it is hard to breathe. Observe some negative person from your background or even yourself if you are being Negative person. The Negative people are not at all satisfied with anything in their life and always be ready to take some revenge. But they don’t understand that they are fighting with their own self. Because the real ‘I’ living in the heart, never wanted to be locked in the shield of Negativity. Don’t let that real ‘I’ die, by keeping negativity inside the heart. Don’t die before your death time arrives.

Always let enter positivity in your heart, therefore only positivity & happiness get spread by you. The real ‘I’ living inside you, your SOUL wants happiness and only Positivity can create the real happiness in the heart.

Don’t forget to… Always keep a security check ON at the doorstep of your heart for Positivity Vs Negativity in any form being entered… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji

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All the day, we spend so much of hours on building the relationships with the people of our surrounds. We spend almost all our lives in being acceptable and adjust ourselves to the life of others. It is an excellent practice to devote ourselves to others and to be helpful and caring and kind to others. But we must take care that in building the relationship with others we don’t forget to build relationship with our own self. In taking care of others, we don’t forget to take care of ourselves. In being associated with others we don’t forget to become what we are.

It is said and observed that we become the person of our association with. We grab the habits, likes and dislikes of our environment. We start assuming; acting and behaving like the persons we are associated and influenced most of.  But in observing and acting like others, we forget the way that we are; we forget to live as per our own beliefs. And the purpose of life is not to become someone else; it is to become who we are. It is to become who we meant to be. And to become what we meant to be, developing self relationship is must for every individual.

To develop the relationship with self we can spend time in exercising, yoga, reading some good stuff, meditation, prayers or we can say taking to the God or Universe. We can have nutritious food and drink plenty of water.  We can spend some time alone with nature, have lonely long walks, and watch the sunrise or flying birds or moving fishes. We can spend time looking in the mirror and talking, praising, laughing and loving self. To improve self relationship we can also listen to the music of our own choice and sing and dance along with. We can improve Self Relationship by writing some lines of the day spent & achievements and setting the things to do on the next day and in upcoming life.

Self relationship can also be developed by cultivating the habit of forgiveness. Forgiving others will lighten the load of life and forgiving self will open the lucid lane to lead. We all are humans and mistakes are bound to happen. Scold, forgive and improve yourself after attempting a mistake. Learn from the mistakes of self and others and be conscious to not to repeat them. Be open to self to try something new, something adventurous which you might have feared in the past, something fascinating to self. Spend lots of time in practicing the fearful act before attending it in public. Spend lots of time in improving and making self a better person.

Self relationship can also be developed by doing something good for unknown people, doing something helpful on a regular basis for those who cannot repay. Visit and spend some time at hospitals, orphanages, old age homes or do some social activities. Develop the habit of helpfulness for the ultimate happiness of the soul. Devote yourself in spreading smiles and happiness to the world. Improve your relationships with others by developing the Self relationship. Build the Self Relationship by spending some time in the improvement of your health, thoughts, behavior and deeds. Build the Self Relationship by associating with your own soul… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji

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Are you perplexing?!!!…

Yeah, it was a mistake; I haven’t done it deliberately but…
I know whatever happens to me is wrong but…
I am aware about the mischief done by my friend, but…
I know my family is suffering because of my silly mistake but…
It is over now, but it was really a BIG thing; I shouldn’t have done it but…

Are you getting perplexed by such thoughts?!!!

If such thoughts, deeds, mischief, ignorance and confusion are still disturbing you… than it must have made a change in your behavior. You might be working so hard to keep the things look normal and behave as nothing has happened to you… but remember somewhere; someone is observing you and noticing the change in your behavior, the change in your habits, and the change in your identity. And that someone is no one… but your own dear & near one.

“But it was a mistake…” you might want to defeat with; but to keep SILENCE for the mistake might be considered as an OFFENSE. So this is the time to confess… this is the time to break the silence and speak the TRUTH… Truth is like a STAR; it may hide on a cloudy night but it will SHINE forever.

You might be thinking that you shouldn’t admit the blunder happened, because you’re near one and family will get hurt; of course they’ll get hurt, but with the satisfaction that you have been HONEST to them and told the TRUTH before the situation get worse. Just think, this twice, what if the bitter truth will come in front them the other way round; then you’ll hurt them twice because you haven’t trusted them to share your WORRIES and decided to be in the worst situation ALONE!!!

I understand you can’t share your life’s each & every secret with each ‘so called friend’ or ‘so called family’. But there might be someone in your life, someone in your family, someone genuine you know, someone you could trust… who is wise enough to understand your situation… who is caring and loving enough to advise you correctly… who is mature enough to guard you… In the beginning they might get mad on you but they also can demonstrate the correct way to move ahead. After admitting the truth to a wise; at least you’ll have someone to walk with you in your struggle to come out from that blunder. And you never know, sometimes after admitting the mistake; you may get honored for the integrity you showed for your relation.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking now… You may lose the relation, the work, the opportunity by admitting the blunder… You may get punished or discarded… You may get the worst result which you haven’t even thought!!!  But remember whatever will happen, by admitting the TRUTH you’ll never lose the self-confidence. In fact, you’ll build it STRONGER. You will be having an opportunity to prove yourself, your loved ones and your surroundings; that you were wrong once, but now you are the MOST loyal & brave one they can have!!!

To prove self Trustworthy, that too after attending & accepting a mistake is TOUGH task; but it is the part of BRAVERY. And being brave enough to admit the truth is the only way to have long lasting PEACE of heart… So don’t be a coward… just say it… believe me, they are your own loved ones, your own family and they love you the most. They might not say it each and every day, but they do LOVE you a lot… they will understand… if not today, then surely ‘One day’… whenever they’ll find a POSITIVE change in you… and they will accept you forever with the whole heart and lots of proud… CONFESS and get the peace and strength to TURN the page of your LIFE…

If anyone from your family or your near one; is accepting the mistake… if that one is choosing you as a guide… listen carefully… don’t get upset… don’t get angry… it’s time to understand, to evaluate, to be positive and to become a backbone.

When someone is taking a blind LEAP of FAITH by confessing; it’s your DUTY to HOLD them tight and LEAD them in a CORRECT way. This is the time you can become an ENERGIZER to the one, whom you care and love a lot… This is the time to FORGIVE and correct the situation… Only a WISE person can collect the broken pieces and turn it BREATHING again… please BE WISE… ad

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Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji
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Thank You BAPU (Father) for enlightening the ways of:

STRENGTH by Fasting & being Vegetarian,
BLISS from Cleanliness,
FIRMNESS using Pacifism,
LEADERSHIP with Truth,
LIFE of Freedom,
ACHIEVEMENT by applying Discipline,
And LEGENDARY in being Simple… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji
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  • A heart can listen to the other heart’s RHYTHM, if it’s in harmony of TRUE LOVE… ad
  • A more caring and loving people can make the world more PEACEFUL and ALIVE… ad
  • A mother’s love is priceless, but a KID’s love is HEAVEN on earth… ad
  • Accept and welcome the NEW member of your family with OPEN heart and FREE space to grow relations healthy… ad
  • Accompanying someone you love is always a Treasure of JOY… ad
  • After giving attempt to the task all the Complexities become Weightless… ad
  • Always do your best to support and create happiness to your family, but not at the COST of destroying your own SOUL… ad
  • Always keep a security check ON at the door of your HEART for Positivity Vs Negativity in any form being entered… ad
  • Always TRUST in God; because GOD has always trusted you… ad
  • An award for someone’s regret & honesty is the PLEDGE for Genuineness in future… ad
  • ANGER brings Arrogance, Rigidity and Sightlessness… ad
  • Any ATTEMPT done with the inner happiness is always get TREASURED… ad
  • Attempt of fear is courageous and the outcome is Incredible… ad
  • Be Courageous and absolutely focused towards your own FONDNESS… ad
  • Be CURIOUS and ready to LEARN always… ad
  • Be grateful for wonderful GOD GIFTS… ad
  • Be HONEST with yourself and POSITIVE towards your Goals… ad
  • Be in a good mood and CREATE good vibes in the POND of mind… ad
  • Be kind and true to self. You’re on the path to become a ‘GREAT SOUL’… ad
  • Be ready for Uncertainty and always keep faith ALIVE… ad
  • Be SIMPLE like blooming flowers, flying bird, outstanding nature and what you are… ad
  • Be what you are and have the HABITS, which bring the BEST out of you… ad
  • Become a CHILD again to achieve the PURPOSE of life… ad
  • Become Wise and fair enough to get the Self realization… ad
  • Being a true Human is the only way to bring back the LOST Peace to the world… ad
  • Being brave enough to admit the TRUTH is the only way to have the long-lasting PEACE of heart… ad
  • Being Simple has never gone out of FASHION… ad
  • Believe in your POWERS… ad
  • BEND yourself as and when needed, because it’s a sign of Gratefulness & Empowerment; and not Weakness… ad
  • Build the self relationship by associating with your own soul… ad
  • By admitting the TRUTH, you’ll never lose your self confidence. In fact, you’ll build it STRONG… ad
  • CHANGE in your own BEHAVIOR is the first key to move forwards Positivity… ad
  • Childhood is the most Natural, Loving and Fearless phase of the life… ad
  • CONFESS and get the Peace & Strength to turn the page of your life… ad
  • DEDICATION is needed at each level of success, even if you are on the TOP list… ad
  • Develop the Habit of Helpfulness for the ultimate Happiness of the SOUL… ad
  • Devote yourself in spreading SMILES and HAPPINESS to the world… ad
  • Do not avoid your own feelings in serving and being FIT to someone’s expectations… ad
  • Don’t follow blindly and be firm towards your own desires… ad
  • Don’t forget to PRAY before you Eat, Sleep & Start… ad
  • Don’t let that real ‘I’ die, by keeping negativity inside your heart. Don’t die before your death arrives… ad
  • Doubt your limits, doubt your Behavior, doubt your fears, doubt your habits & doubt your own STRENGTH… ad
  • Failure is not fatal and Success has no destination; it’s a life long Journey of Hard-work… ad
  • Falling DOWN gives more POWER to step forwards the desired goal… ad
  • Fear vanishes on ATTEMPT of the task like a Magic… ad
  • Feel, Live and Create the moment MEMORABLE… ad
  • Finding your own WAY!!! Learning from the WATER and LIGHT… ad
  • For fulfillment – Live in the Moment… ad
  • Forgiving OTHERS will lighten the load of life and forgiving SELF will open the lucid lane to LEAD… ad
  • Friendship is the BOND of Love, Laughter and Life… ad
  • Friendship is the only PURE, GENTLE and FREE set of love anyone can have… ad
  • Get busy in doing acts which are in favor of Humanity and never become Selfish… ad
  • Get more interested in working for your PASSION rather than sharing your story and being noticed by world… ad
  • Give your Smile, Time, Affection, Kindness & Helping hand… ad
  • God has favored all of us with one or other GIFTS… ad
  • God is counting each ACT of yours… ad
  • Good human don’t lie, they bring convenient TRUTH because they didn’t want to HURT anyone… ad
  • HATE for someone is nothing but your own INSECURITY, JEALOUSY and BROKEN heart… ad
  • HELP someone with their REAL needs that will make your SOUL attractive… ad
  • HOPE you find the beautiful part in everything and everyone, EVERYDAY… ad
  • If you’re having the immense feeling of ‘LET GO; you are striving to become an ocean of KINDNESS… ad
  • In different phases of life never forget your BASICS… ad
  • It is always WISE to check rear view but don’t forget to move forward… ad
  • It needs COURAGE to accept the mistake and FIRMNESS to turn it into a Better condition… ad
  • Keep breathing is most important for life… ad
  • Keep positivity in MIND, kindness in HEART and smile on your FACE… ad
  • Knowledge brings Power and if power not handled fairly, it can bring Arrogance… ad
  • LEARN to be with your own VALUES in the weakened moments… ad
  • Learn to find Pleasures in Uncertainty… ad
  • Learn to say ‘NO’ firmly … ad
  • Let’s consider the life as a GAME and play it like a CHILD… ad
  • Let’s have some GUTS and become a SUPERHERO of our own life… ad
  • LIFE is a canvas and your daily deeds are colors. Choose the colors WISELY to create a BEAUTIFUL painting… ad
  • Life is too short and ‘someday’ never comes. Do it today. Live it today… ad
  • Listening is the BEST HABIT for any kind of Understanding… ad
  • LOVE is the first requirement to see through HEART; same as LIGHT for eyes… ad
  • Love yourself, love your life and live it entirely for your own HAPPINESS and PEACE of the world… ad
  • NEGATIVITY creates suffocation and in suffocation it is hard to BREATHE… ad
  • Negativity itself is a Magnet. You’ll have to be strong and brave enough to be with yourself… ad
  • No one can substitute the ROLE of a MOTHER… ad
  • No one can WALK on the road of Success by NOT doing anything… ad
  • Only a HAPPY life can spread happiness to rest of the world, like a child… ad
  • Only a KIND heart can tolerate self IGNORANCE… ad
  • Only a WISE person can collect the broken pieces and turn them BREATHING again… ad
  • Only an ordinary person can doubt a whole community for a single incident. Be different. Think wise… ad
  • Pleasures can easily achieved by keeping our thoughts, talks and deeds filled with Kindness & Love… ad
  • Practice FORGIVENESS because it is a key to HAPPINESS… ad
  • Questioning is the First step towards any kind of Learning… ad
  • RUN. If you can’t run; WALK. If you can’t walk; CRAWL. If you can’t crawl; HOLD on to something which is in the motion. Don’t be in STILLNESS… ad
  • Scold, forgive and IMPROVE yourself after attempting a mistake… ad
  • Selflessness nurtures the LOVE… ad
  • Simplicity is the Quiet merger of PURITY and BEAUTY… ad
  • Sometimes FADE image is better than the clear one. Clarity can make you feel GUILT… ad
  • Sometimes NEGLECTING doesn’t mean you can’t deal with it. It means. That epic doesn’t DESERVE your attention… ad
  • Sometimes Satisfaction makes a person STABLE and it can stop the GROWTH… ad
  • Sometimes WORST happen for the BEST beginning… ad
  • Sometimes you have to choose between turning a page and closing the specific chapter without reading it more in a BOOK called LIFE… ad
  • Spend some time looking in the mirror and talking, praising, laughing and loving SELF… ad
  • Spending time with a CHILD will help us to be with a GREAT source of inspiration… ad
  • Start working and pursue your innermost desire with the high amount of self-confidence, full devotion towards the goal and work hard until the accomplishment of the Task… ad
  • Start your day with Thanking God for everything and have a smile on your face for the Whole day… ad
  • STRUGGLE to reach the TOP but don’t forget your start… ad
  • Such young blood is needed everywhere; who, instead of enjoying themselves with mindless activities, are spending their time in being useful to others… ad
  • Surround yourself with the bold ones who can help building your courage and give fruitful advises… ad
  • The character of your children is being SHAPED by your daily TEACHINGS… ad
  • The obstacle was fear and not my Potential… ad
  • The path of our desired goal is endless, but the JOURNEY on that path with Gratefulness, Courage and Hard work is called SUCCESS… ad
  • The period of being fearful had started from the moment I decided to do something different till the time I attempted it… ad
  • The world of the future is in our hands. We can either make it SCARY or BEAUTIFUL. Think and be WISE… ad
  • Think for the Humanity FIRST… ad
  • This world is always in need of the people with GOOD heart; who is being thoughtful and caring for each other… ad
  • To be true to yourself sometimes you need to fight the most difficult battle against your own FAMILY… ad
  • To become happier, get more concerned about the happiness of OTHERS… ad
  • To become what we meant to be, developing SELF RELATIONSHIP is must for every individual… ad
  • To dishonor the customs and people of the other religion is creating a BIG Question mark for our own religious beliefs… ad
  • To do something religiously strong, we should spread the Truths & Positivity about a religion and live for the PEACE… ad
  • To fight for JUSTICE is a brave hearts’ ability, but stopping the CAUSE of injustice & nurture the generation to be FAITHFUL & GENTLE is a wise decision… ad
  • To INSPIRE others through your performance is the most excellent way to EXIST… ad
  • To keep CALM is the tale of GRIT… ad
  • To prove self trust worthy, that too after attending & accepting a mistake is a TOUGH task; but it is the part of BRAVERY… ad
  • TRUTH always shines in the eyes of an HONEST person… ad
  • TRUTH is like a star. It may hide on a cloudy night but it will shine forever… ad
  • Walk on the Path of ultimate Happiness & Peace through Honesty, Forgiveness and Non-violence… ad
  • WALK on the way of your life in such a manner that the PATH recalls you when you leave it behind… ad
  • Wanna see HOPE?!! Look through any child’s eyes; you’ll find it… ad
  • We need to DISCIPLINE our Body and Mind to Think, Feel and ACT positively, which will ultimately bring the Happiness… ad
  • We should become a religious person but we shouldn’t have EGO for our religion… ad
  • Whatever is the situation, it’s gonna be over because TIME doesn’t wait for anybody… ad
  • When people follow your path and get Happiness & Peace through your way of living is called a LEGENDARY LIVING… ad
  • When someone is taking a BLIND leap of faith by confessing; it is your DUTY to hold them tight and LEAD on a correct way… ad
  • When you can’t get into an admirable habit; work on defeating wicked one… ad
  • When you find Happiness in your Struggle; you start building Habit of Happiness… ad
  • Where to Go?!! Ask your heart; it has all the answers. Believe in SELF… ad
  • Write down the STORY of your life on your own terms and sprinkle the GOODNESS in your way through all your deeds… ad
  • YOU are here to be HAPPY… ad
  • You are the only best person to decide what you should keep & spread and what need to be blocked & thrown out from your heart… ad
  • You just have to believe in yourself and the Supreme Powers of GOD… ad
  • Your first home is your own HEART. Don’t let happen anything wrong with it… ad
  • Your HALT for a few seconds can bring LIFE to breathe more… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji
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We all know we should start our day with the Gratitude towards God to spend the entire day with Happiness and Peace. To be thankful to God, there are few Shloka which we can chant in the morning daily. Every day first in the morning we should be Thankful to God for giving us one another day to live the purpose of our life. To be grateful to God first in the morning, sit up in the bed look at your hands and say below Shloka.

કરાગ્રે વસતે લક્ષ્મી: કરમૂલે સરસ્વતી।
કરમધ્યે તું ગોવિંદ: પ્રભાતે કરદર્શનમ ।।

Meaning: At the fingertips of my hands Goddess of Wealth Laxmi exists, at the palm of my hands Goddess of Wisdom Saraswati exists and at the base of my hands God of highest Pleasure Govinda (another name of Lord Krishna) exists. And early in the morning I’m bowed down in devotion to them.

The next step you can do is touching the ground with your right hand, to be thankful to the Goddess of Earth and after that keep your feet on the ground. We should be thankful to the Goddess of Earth for keeping our weight in her arms for the whole life of ours. To be grateful for the Goddess of Earth, every day in the morning we should say below Shloka.

સમુદ્રવસને દેવિ ! પર્વતસ્તનમંડલે ।
વિષ્ણુપત્ની ! નમસ્તુભ્યં પાદસ્પર્શ ક્ષમસ્વ મે ।।

Meaning: The Goddess who is wearing clothes of the Ocean, the Goddess who is having the upper body of mountains and the wife of Lord Vishnu (another name of Lord Krishna) – Goddess of Earth; I’m bowed down in devotion to you. Please forgive me for keeping my foot on you.

Later on you can bear in mind and be grateful to the Lord Krishna by saying below two Shloka.

વાસુદેવસુતં દેવં કંસચાણૂરમર્દનમ ।
દેવકીપરમાનંદમ કૃષ્ણમ વન્દે જગદ્દગુરૂમ ।।

Meaning: The son of Vasudeva, The one who brings an end of King Kansa & wrestler Charnur, The one who gives highest pleasure to Devaki (mother of Lord Krishna) and the God of Universe Shri Krishna I’m bowed down in devotion to you.

મુકં કરોતિ વાચાલં પંગુમ લંઘયતે ગિરિમ ।
યત્કૃપા તામહં વંદે પરમાનંદમાધવમ ।।

The one whose blessing can convert a voiceless in talking and can create a handicapped in reaching the mountain top; I’m bowed down in devotion to that God of highest Pleasure Madhava (another name of Lord Krishna).

By practicing daily for this ancient ritual of chanting Shloka in the morning will keep you calm and graceful for the entire day no matter what happen. Start your day with Thanking God for everything and have a smile on your face for the whole day… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji

PS: More on Lord Krishna 
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One day a little boy visited a hospital with his parents to see his Aunt. After reaching home the boy asked his mother.

Boy: “Mom, why Aunt is there in the hospital?”

Mother: “Because she is not feeling well.”

Boy: “When will she come back home?”

Mother: “Today, while praying, you ask the God to make your aunt healthy. God will surely listen to your prayers and your aunt will be home soon.”

From that day the boy started praying God to make his aunt healthy. But unfortunately, after 2 days the boy himself got sick. When he came back from the school he was having little temperature. The mother gave him medicine and asked him to take a rest. While sleeping the boy requested his mother…

Boy: “Mom, now you pray to God, and ask him to make me healthy.”

Mother: “Dear God, please make my Son healthy” and then she added, “You can also pray God for yourself.  Ask God to make yourself healthy.”

Boy: “Dear God, Please make my Aunt Healthy!…”

Next day, the boy was not having fever and his aunt was discharged from the hospital 2 days later…

PS: Thanks to Tanish… for setting Great Instance on the Power of SELFLESS Prayer… ad


A Little boy was ready to leave for School. He opened the fridge door & took three cherries. His mother asked him to have it fast so they can reach Bus-stop on time. He replied to his mother that he will give two cherries to his bus-mates & will have one with them. But on the way to the bus stop one cherry dropped by mistake. Curiously, the mother questioned her son.

Mother: “Now what will you do? To whom you won’t give the cherry?!!!”

That little boy reached at the bus stop and then offered rest two cherries to his bus-mates and smiled...

PS: Love you a lot Tanish for being so Sweet & Caring… ad


One evening in a house a mother was cooking and her son was playing in other room. The son is very naughty & usually finds anything to play with and normally he creates noise while playing. But that day he has found one photo album to play. It was a wedding album of his parents. His mother didn't heard any noise of her son playing for a few minutes. So curiously, she checked the room where her son was playing. 

She found her son was staring at one picture and was looking so emotional and sad. That picture was her own where she was crying with her father. She asked her son…

Mother: “What are you doing?”

Son looked at his mother and said...
Boy: “Mom, ask this mom to not to cry”

The mother hugged him with a smile and tears in her eyes… soon the son  also started crying… After few minutes mother has pampered her child with the hugs and kisses and made him smile… ad

PS: I love my Son Tanish for loving me soooooooooo much… ad

Thank you so much Dear Reader, for spending your valuable time. Please Share this post to your connections and be a part of Positive Change. Keep Reading…

Your Friend Always…
Amee Darji

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Me...? Amee! The meaning of my name is Sweetness, a person who is Kind, Beloved, Amiable, Gracious and with pleasant mind & feelings. I know, I’m not like the meaning of my name but yes, I’m daily striving hard to deserve my name.

I’m a Daughter, a Wife, a Proud Mother, a Friend, a Beginner writer and a LEARNER for a lifetime. My mission is to bring Positivity, Happiness and Peace to the world through my deeds, thoughts and beliefs. I am striving to become the happiest person that anyone had ever met, full of Positivity and calmness. 

This blog link is a place where I’m sharing my Learning, Thoughts and Beliefs. This is my little contribution on the ultimate path of the Peace to bring the Positive Change in the world. I hope my words can convert the deep feelings of my beliefs about Happiness and Success. I wish my blogs can inspire you to move on your ultimate goal.

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Your Friend Always
Amee Darji